‘Reading Minds’ Through Literary Fiction

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Fiction Matters, February 2008
This is what I enjoy most from reading fiction — reading or probing the minds of characters

Difference between popular and literary fiction
‘Popular fiction tends to be focused on plot, says , professor of psychology at The New School for Social Research in New York, and the characters are rather stereotypical. “You open a book of what we call popular fiction and you know from the get-go who is going to be the good guy and the bad guy.”

‘Literary fiction, in contrast, focuses on the psychology and inner life of the characters, he says. And importantly, characters in literary fiction are left somewhat incomplete. Readers have to watch what they do and infer what they are thinking and feeling…’
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The Shaping of Modern Culture During WWII
How the Unlikely WWII Friendship of a Scientist & a Philosopher Shaped Modern Culture
‘What makes a good life, a…

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