How Software Engineering Saved a Marriage

‘Our code for the marriage is made up of our words, our actions, and our thoughts. Our job: to prevent bugs in our code from crashing the marriage.

‘You can’t avoid bugs. Every programmer makes them. The goal is to anticipate and mitigate the damage. Code can survive unexpected inputs and circumstances, if it’s robust enough. But very often the result is a crash, heralded by a message known to anyone who’s ever programmed in Linux or Unix: SEGMENTATION FAULT (CORE DUMPED). These are some software engineering maxims that have saved my marriage from core dumping…’
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This Senior Senator is a Crime Novelist
English: Barbara Mikulski speaks during the se...
Barbara Mikulski’s heroine is a crime-fighting senator
What is common in crime fiction is that most senators or officials are either perpetrators or conspirators to a crime. Mikulski changes that

‘CQ Roll Call’s ongoing exploration of novels set in Washington, D.C., would be incomplete without a couple of 1990s volumes written by none other than the longest-serving female senator in history.

‘A decade after being elected, but before becoming chairwoman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Barbara A. Mikulski briefly moonlighted as a crime novelist.

‘The Maryland Democrat wrote two novels with journalist Marylouise Oates – “Capitol Offense” and “Capitol Venture” – about a crime-solving female senator from Pennsylvania (who, of course, went to school in Baltimore).

‘The novels are told from the first-person perspective of fictional Sen. Eleanor “Norrie” Gorzack. Gorzack is serving as the Keystone State’s director of public health when the governor appoints her to serve out the term of a senator who dies unexpectedly…’

Perfect Survival Foods
‘Many people expect that supermarket shelves always will be full of food. As a result, they don’t stock up on items to provide nutrition if a major snowstorm, hurricane, earthquake, tornado, flood, riot or other emergency occurs. These events can limit food supplies for days, weeks or even months. Storing survival foods can help you get through emergency conditions when it’s not possible to go to the supermarket–or the supermarket is unable to operate…’

Sound Frequencies Levitate Objects [Video]
‘South African author, Michael Tellinger gives a gripping and entertaining talk at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement (BEM) conference in 2012, about a sound-based, free-energy technology used by ancient civilizations.

‘Many researchers have conjectured that the ancients had mastered sound technologies, which they used to levitate the huge stones into place, in the construction of the many megalithic structures that we see all over the world, including Stonehenge and the Pyramids at Giza, which have mystified us for centuries. How could mere men have quarries, cut and hauled such huge stones for dozens of miles and built such massive complexes without mechanical cranes?

‘He demonstrates sound frequencies, levitating objects. In his words, “It’s not a theory anymore!”…’
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