Cellphone Tracking Just Got Even Scarier

infowars-nsalistens25dd56New software can identify all of your devices-even if they’re not connected
‘Once, only hairdressers and bartenders knew people’s secrets.
‘Now, smartphones know everything – where people go, what they search for, what they buy, what they do for fun and when they go to bed. That is why advertisers, and tech companies like Google and Facebook, are finding new, sophisticated ways to track people on their phones and reach them with individualized, hypertargeted ads. And they are doing it without cookies, those tiny bits of code that follow users around the Internet, because cookies don’t work on mobile devices…’
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The iPad as Your Second Screen
SideCar Links Tablets And Laptops For A New Second-Screen Experience
‘What’s better than having a Macbook and an iPad? Using them side-by-side at the same time, that is.

‘To make dual-display computing much easier, Lehigh Valley startup company Venos created the SideCar, a device that allows the user to securely attach a tablet to the side of a laptop, thereby creating a second screen for the user.

‘Although not everyone needs to have two screens at the same time, SideCar can be very useful to those who need a second screen to be more productive in their work…’

Health Problems Due To The Geek Lifestyle

Robots Can’t Take Cashier’s Jobs. Yet
‘The human supermarket checker is superior to the self-checkout machine in almost every way. The human is faster. The human has a more pleasing, less buggy interface. The human doesn’t expect me to remember or look up codes for produce, she bags my groceries, and unlike the machine, she isn’t on hair-trigger alert for any sign that I might be trying to steal toilet paper. Best of all, the human does all the work while I’m allowed to stand there and stupidly stare at my phone, which is my natural state of being.

‘There is only one problem with human checkers: They’re in short supply…’

Facebook threatened Social Fixer with lawsuit. And is it true that when FB representative was asked why they don’t also threaten Ad-Block, the rep claimed to ‘have never heard of it.’? LOL

I don’t understand why it’s harder to install Puppy Linux in a UB drive than with Ubuntu or Chrome OS. Puppy’s tutorial isn’t just efficient.


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