Crowdfund Your Town’s Security Patrol

Millers Road, The Rocks

Millers Road, The Rocks (Photo credit: State Records NSW)

‘Some neighbors in Oakland are so mad about the crime in their area, they’re not going to take it anymore. The most recent high profile robbery of commuters in the Rockridge casual carpool was the tipping point. They’re raising money online for a private security patrol.

‘This year, Oakland has seen its robbery rate skyrocket by 24 percent all over town. Tired of being victimized, Rockridge neighbors have taken to the Internet to raise money to pay for their own security…’

A Way to Get Scared Off Social Networks
Book could help you quit Facebook and Twitter
‘…I read “The Circle” by Dave Eggers (forthcoming from Random House on Oct. 8) and it scared the crap out of me. So much so that I decided to take a break from social media. I asked one of my best friends to change my passwords, because I didn’t trust myself to resist the siren call of endless chatter and information and likes and retweets and comments.

‘In Eggers’ novel, a young woman named Mae gets a job at a company called the Circle. The business is clearly based on a combination of Google and Facebook and Twitter. It’s an ideal place to work. Employees go to huge, lavish parties. There are tons of groups dedicated to different interests. The company provides free comfortable dormitories for people who work late and don’t want to leave the campus. But as the book goes on, it becomes very clear that The Circle has dark motives…’
The Circle

Hotel guests prefer coffee to sex
Which would you give up for a year: sex or coffee?
A poll showed most voted (35%) this as depressing! lol

‘The study by Le Méridien hotel group discovered that 53 per cent of its guests favored coffee over sex as the perfect way to start the day.

‘The research showed worldwide addiction to coffee was so great 78 percent of respondents would abstain from alcohol, social media or sex with their partner for a year rather than miss out on coffee for the same amount of time…’

Be careful with forms
You can be Legally Dead — Indefinitely
‘In 1994, the court ruled that Donald Miller was legally dead, eight years after he disappeared from his Arcadia rental home.

‘The same judge, Allan Davis, ruled Monday that Miller is still dead, in the eyes of the law. Miller’s request for a reversal came well after the three-year legal limit for changing a death ruling, Davis said.

‘Miller, 61, now of Fostoria, spoke softly in court and offered few details about his past…’


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