It Pays to be a Racial Victim

I think this wasn’t the first time this happened but congrats to Toni too
A $10K Crowd-Funded Tip for Waitress
‘Toni Christina Jenkins got a surprise check for $10,759 last month thanks to strangers who donated money online after hearing her story. The 19-year-old waitress was shocked in September when a customer allegedly left her a receipt that read “None n**ger,” in place of the tip line.

‘She posted the receipt on her Facebook page and the story went viral, prompting Matthew Hanson, founder of the liberal news site, to start an online campaign to raise a real tip for Jenkins. Though the fundraiser was initially planned to last 30 days, the campaign reached its $10,000 goal in just 72 hours, organizers wrote on the website…’
full story

India Faces Massive Cyclone Half the Size of India
‘A massive tropical cyclone half the size of India is zeroing in on the country home to more than one billion people. As of Friday, meteorologists say winds from Cyclone Phailin are clocking in at about 170 miles per hour. Those wind speeds would easily make it comparable to a category five hurricane. (Via The Weather Channel) Not only is the storm strong – it’s been developing quickly. The Washington Post reports the storm’s winds shot up more than 80 miles per hour in an 18-hour period between Wednesday and Thursday…’

Nobel Committee Sends Historic Tweet To Peace Prize Winner After It Doesn’t Answer The Phone
I think the Nobel Committee should have tried voicemail like what Swedish Academy did to notify Alice Munro
‘Twitter is abuzz this morning after a Twitter account associated with the Nobel Prize Committee tweeted to the recipient of the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize, the Organisation for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons:

– Nobelprize_org (@Nobelprize_org) October 11, 2013

Apparently that didn’t even work.

The live webcast is now over. We are still trying to reach @OPCW
– Nobelprize_org (@Nobelprize_org) October 11, 2013

Twitter had a fun time with it…’

5 Stories from Alice Munro
‘…Here are five stories-four of them, as it happens, the title stories of their respective collections-that are as good as places to begin as any. I’ve chosen five that span the length of her career, though, remarkably, that matters much less than you might think it would. They are listed below chronologically, and linked to where available online…’


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