Enhance Your Privacy by Being Inaccurate

xenoduWhen services get too nosy, fabricate
What I’m already doing is I use different profile pics for different social networks and use nickname for some networks

‘There are plenty of legitimate reasons to prevent Web sites from collecting your personal information, and you can do so without “hiding.” An Internet pseudonym that’s a variation of your real name lets you hide in plain sight: you’re still identifiable to people who know you, but you’re more difficult for strangers to spot.

‘Note that some big-name sites are bringing an end to anonymous comments. Among them are the Huffington Post and the Sacramento Bee.

‘Many people rankle at the thought of people using fake names on the Internet. Last October a security official with the British government took heat after he recommended at a conference that people not provide their correct names and other personal information to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks…’
how to

Cable Subscribers Can Watch TV Shows Via Tweets
New “See It” feature from Comcast turns Twitter feed into a universal TV remote.
‘The partnership made between Comcast and Twitter today marks a pivotal point in the entertainment industry. For the first time ever, Comcast Xfinity subscribers can tune in to a TV show directly from a Tweet. Comcast developed a new Twitter feature called See It, which will allows Xfinity customers to watch On Demand shows, change channels, set the DVR and show reminders all with one click…’

Homeless Man To Launch His First Mobile App
Leo’s case is proof of how easy it is to be useful on the Net and even earn from what you create
‘The homeless man named Leo who took up the offer put forth by Medium‘s Patrick McConlogue, to take coding lessons is now set to release his first mobile app…’
full story

Duolingo Crowdsources Free Language Lessons
‘Through the startup’s new Language Incubator, users can apply to add a new language to the site. Duolingo reviews the applications to make sure they’re capable of leading the creation of new classes. And, if approved as a moderator, the startup gives them the blueprint it uses when creating new language classes. For example, it shares a list of the 3,000 words that should be covered, key concepts to include and the order in which material should be taught. From there, moderators can recruit others to help with the content creation…’

Spanish Manteca
When the Spaniards discovered Jamaica, they discovered a shore teeming with wild pigs. When they roasted the pigs, they render the fat to the lard and called the oil ‘manteca’. The word mutated into ‘montego’ from which the Montego Bay got it’s name. In Manila, we still call cooking oil ‘mantika’.

It’s like a faster mini Dropbox
Easily create and share single-use folders
1. Get a hold of a box
2. Put your junk in that box
3. Make them open the box


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