Seattle’s Food Forest is Open

English: Downtown Austin from across Town Lake.
‘The vision of the Beacon Food Forest is to change the way the public thinks and relates to its food. To curb poor nutrition, prevent food waste, enhance general education, and grow free and sustainable food for all, the food forest has finally become a reality. Thankfully, the evolvement is not alone. Several other areas are beginning to plant dedicated forests for public use.

‘The Beacon Food Forest will cover seven acres within city limits, offering everything from plum, apple, and walnut trees, to bushes, herbs, and vegetables. The goal is to re-create an eco-system of a real forest with food-bearing varieties at different heights…’
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The Genetics of the Immune System
‘Last week, I had the opportunity to talk with a group of students from Grandview Heights School in Edmonton, Canada. The students are learning about genetics, and the instructor, John Chase asked me to talk about how genetics impacts my field, and to give them a perspective on how this stuff translates to the real world.

‘The quality isn’t perfect, and we had some technical glitches, but we recorded it using google hangouts, and you can see the full class here. Though not strictly food related, a lot of what I talked about will be relevant later when I talk about infectious diseases, allergies and autoimmunity. Skip ahead to 7:55 if you don’t want to hear all the autobiographical stuff and want to get straight into stuff about the immune system…’

Prince George’s Godparents All Commoners
Whether or not this is a PR stunt, it’s a very wise move
‘Prince George’s godparents will not include a single member of the Royal Family or the Middleton family, according to sources close to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

‘Three godparents were named yesterday, all close friends of the couple rather than the royal grandees chosen as godparents for heirs to the throne in previous generations…’
Those named

TED talks are lying to you
‘What our correspondent realized, in that flash of bathtub-generated insight, was that this literature isn’t about creativity in the first place. While it reiterates a handful of well-known tales – the favorite pop stars, the favorite artists, the favorite branding successes – it routinely ignores other creative milestones that loom large in the history of human civilization. After all, some of the most consistent innovators of the modern era have also been among its biggest monsters. He thought back, in particular, to the diabolical creativity of Nazi Germany, which was the first country to use ballistic missiles, jet fighter planes, assault rifles and countless other weapons. And yet nobody wanted to add Peenemünde, where the Germans developed the V-2 rocket during the 1940s, to the glorious list of creative hothouses that includes Periclean Athens, Renaissance Florence, Belle Époque Paris and latter-day Austin, Texas. How much easier to tell us, one more time, how jazz bands work, how someone came up with the idea for the Slinky, or what shade of paint, when applied to the walls of your office, is most conducive to originality…’
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