Artist Proves Pen Mightier Than The Text

floatingrobes-32221-188x251-Freelance_Writing_Contests_and_Jobs‘Since our words now flow from our phones and keyboards, handwriting just isn’t as common as it used to be. But that doesn’t mean the art of penmanship is destined to disappear-not under Cristina Vanko’s watch, anyway.

‘As her project Modern Day Snail Mail proves, calligraphic script still has a time and place. For an entire week, the graphic designer challenged herself to respond to every single text message with a handwritten note. Intrigued, we tracked Cristina down to discuss the project, how her pen chose her (just like Harry Potter and his wand), and why handwriting belongs in a digital world…’

Don’t have time to hand-write messages or text back? Let this robot write for you
Robot Composes Hand-Written Notes For That Special Someone [Video]
‘Anyone who professes indifference to old-fashioned, handwritten, snail-mailed cards is lying. Handwritten notes are the best – especially when they come with gifts attached. But when was the last time you sent somebody a present in that quaint old way? How about a simple handwritten card?

‘BOND aims to bring proper gift-giving etiquette back into the mainstream with its newly launched iOS app. Doubling as a carefully curated boutique, the app lets users choose a gift, type out a note, and enter a recipient’s address for delivery. If you’re not sure of the address (Really, who keeps address books these days?) the app can send the recipient a quick email or SMS on your behalf to find out. Your carefully composed note is written by Giles, who is, admittedly, a robot – but a robot with really nice writing. Users may order cards without gifts, but not gifts without cards. That would be rude…’

Kindle Makes Amazon’s Top Toy List
That is the Kindle HDX 7″ Tablet
‘Amazon has released its top toys for this holiday season list and the device topped the Fun Tech Toys category. The top toys lists among 10 categories were generated by Amazon Mom fans on Facebook. LeapFrog’s LeapPad2 tablet and VTech InnoTab 3S also both made the list as a featured holiday toy only available on Amazon…’

Make Short HD Videos With Spark Camera
‘iPhone video tends toward brevity–think Vine and Instagram–and fancier movie apps are thin on the ground. Spark Camera, from IDEO, aims to make it easier to shoot atmospheric, attractive mini-movies with a smartphone. The maximum length is 30 seconds, no logging-in is required to start shooting, and it’s $2 in the App Store. Wired’s Kyle VanHemert reviewed it today, and thinks that the results are gorgeous…’


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