Image Auto Forensic Analysis

English: Image to OCR Converter

English: Image to OCR Converter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Play detective and find out what’s hidden behind your important photos and images
It’s difficult to deal with forensic analysis with lot of images involved. Images contain tons of information, Ghiro extracts these information from provided images and display them in a nicely formatted report.
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One reason for using Ghiro
This expose’ came from middleclassjobs of Slashdot. When I clicked on the Slashdot link, it took me to my FB page hence just this extract — so I’m not confirming the message yet

‘Facebook is using OCR to read my pictures for content, then showing it to friends who might like it based on that text in the photo. Put it to the test for yourself. For me, it was a picture of a guitarist with a peace message on it. I did not use any comments, it was not a share, (I downloaded and re uploaded the picture), so how did Facebook know my peace loving friends would like it?”…’

Your Own Satellite for $20,000
‘A 23-year-old entrepreneur hopes to make Scotland a key player in a new era of space science, by selling tiny, inexpensive but fully-functioning satellites, launched from reconditioned Russian missiles.

‘Tom Walkinshaw, founder of fledgling Glaswegian company Alba Orbital, aims to build the diminutive machines for universities, businesses and amateur space enthusiasts.

‘The spacecraft, known as PocketQubes, start off at just five cubic centimetres each and can weigh as little as 150g, but can be extended or stacked together to build larger satellites. They can be manufactured and launched for a fraction of the cost of even a small conventional satellite…’

How to open a file with a strange extension
‘…The first thing you should do, just to make sure, is scan the file for malware. Your antivirus program should be able to do that.

‘When you know the file is clean, double-click it. Maybe you’ll get lucky. And even if you don’t, Windows will bring up a dialog box to help you solve the problem. Select Use the Web service to find the correct program and click OK.

‘The resulting Web page may or may not offer useful information. If it doesn’t, try another file extension database, such as FILExt. Just enter the extension in the field in the upper-right corner, and press ENTER…’
Another option


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