First 1976 Apple Computers [Photos]

Steve Jobs’ 1976 photograph of the company’s first computers seen for the first time

In 1976, I was a college student and the only hi-tech I was aware about were the bar codes and cassette recorders

‘The grainy snap was taken by Steve Jobs, then 21, at his parent’s house
It shows two piles of cardboard boxes containing the first 50 Apple devices
The image emerged as the ‘world’s best’ Apple 1 computer was put up for sale at auction for £500,000…’
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Learn About Your Operating System
5 Important Jobs Your Operating System Handles Without You Knowing
You can run your PC without an OS but you will have to program your PC to make it do everything you want — which is of course impracticable

‘Most people are familiar with the major operating systems on the market. Microsoft Windows and Apple’s Mac OS have celebrity status. The various flavors of the Linux operating system are less-well known, but that doesn’t stop Linux fans from passionately defending their favorite distribution. Then there’s the host of mobile operating systems on the market including Apple’s iOS, Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Google’s Android operating system.

‘But once you get beyond specifics, all operating systems share many traits. They may execute functions in a way that’s particular to that OS, but in the end, each system has to be able to complete basic tasks. Most of these tasks you won’t even notice — unless things go terribly wrong…’

DIY Glowing laser cut pendant with magnetic battery holder
by OrenLederman
Don’t forget the pendant could be used as keychain too

‘After trying out various designs over the last couple of months (check out my other Instructables), I finally came up with this one. Inspired by the Led Earring instructable, I ended up using magnets to hold a coin cell battery and act as contacts for the LED. The cool part is that the battery actually serves as a switch – slide it up to turn on the light, push it down to turn it off. And as a bonus – you do not need a screwdriver to pull out the battery (as opposed to SMD battery holders).

‘I made about 15 such pendants and gifted them in the last Burning Man (2013). It was a blast :)…’

The Google Media Tools
Consider this your starting point to tap into Google’s suite of digital tools that can enhance newsgathering and exposure across television, radio, print and online.

Whether it’s refining your advanced search capabilities, improving audience engagement through Google+, or learning how to visualize data using Google Maps, this website is intended to guide you through all the resources Google offers to journalists.


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2 Responses to First 1976 Apple Computers [Photos]

  1. Its hard to imagine ever using one of those computers and yet it was not even 40 years ago. I couldn’t give myself to spend so much money on a photograph but it doesn’t surprise me on its worth; Steve Jobs has been a true innovator and revolutionized our society. I look at my job and remember where it was when it first started, to watching them get there first computers, to now installing data cabinets in their server room : a room that at one point was unimaginable. Its amazing to watch how technology continues to change, advance and transforming our society with it.


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