Will You Send Money via Email?

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Square app will let you do that. It’s like a fast version of PayPal Money Order
‘Square’s latest payment service is as easy as sending an email. To send cash to someone else, users set up an account through Square by linking their debit card to their email address. Payments are then sent via email – addressed to the recipient, with cash@square.com in the CC field and a dollar amount in the subject of the email. One or two days later, payments will clear. GigaOM says if it sounds simple, that’s because Square wanted it to be.

‘Square Cash has “no multiple verification steps, no entering checking account and routing numbers, no passwords and – most significantly – no need for a separate financial account to act as repository for all transactions.” Sounds perfect, if you trust it. The Verge immediately wondered if email spoofing – forging the sender’s address – might trip up Square Cash. It’d be like a blank check…’

Can You Live Offline Without Being Tracked?
‘The people who have actually attempted to live without being tracked–most often due to a safety threat–will tell you that security cameras are just about everywhere, RFID tags seem to be in everything, and almost any movement results in becoming part of a database. “It’s basically impossible for you and I to decide, as of tomorrow, I’m going to remain off the radar and to survive for a month or 12 months,” says Gunter Ollmann, the CTO of security firm IOActive, who in his former work with law enforcement had several coworkers who dedicated themselves to remaining anonymous for the safety of their families. “The amount of prep work you have to do in order to stay off the radar involves years of investment leading up to that.”

‘Fast Company interviewed the most tracking-conscious people we could find about their strategies for staying anonymous to different degrees. Here are just a handful of daily, offline tasks that get more complicated if you’re avoiding surveillance…’
offline tasks

WordPress security threats, protection tips and tricks
‘Web security is like a living thing, it is constantly evolving. Therefore everything you do should be done with security in mind. To start off with, there are some things that you can do just once to improve the security of your WordPress blog or website, but you still have to always follow a number of rules while using WordPress. By following such rules you will be safe from most of the automated targeted WordPress attacks which typically spread like wild fires:…’

‘An open-source whistleblower submission system managed by Freedom of the Press Foundation that media organizations use to securely accept documents from anonymous sources. It was originally coded by the late Aaron Swartz.

‘Any organization can install SecureDrop for free and can make modifications if they so choose. Check out our project page on GitHub for detailed installation instructions. Freedom of the Press Foundation also offers technical assistance to news organizations wishing to install SecureDrop and train its journalists in security best practices. Please fill out the form below to request our help…’


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