SciAm Colleague on Blogger Danielle Lee’s Case

Blog of the day once again
On this Blogging Business, and Regarding Scolding
By Scott Huler
‘I’ll try not to dwell on what actually happened, because it’s barely what I want to talk about. Danielle Lee, Ph.D., has been blogging regularly for SciAm for a couple years as the Urban Scientist. She was contacted by another website that asked her to blog for free, which she politely declined to do. The site responded by calling her a dirty name: “whore.” She responded – again politely – by blogging about the issue, on Urban Scientist.

‘The post mysteriously came down. SciAm editor Mariette DiChristina tweeted an almost equally mysterious message explaining the post was somehow “not apropriate,” and then basically the world came to an end. Everybody knew what had happened, and everybody was yelling to each other about it at the same time – it was censorship! it was marginializing! how could Scientific American have shut up on of our free voices! it had to do with Lee being a woman! It was because she was black! It was because, oh, for pity’s sake, what wasn’t it because…’
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Arguments That Parents Can’t Admit Kids Are Right About
‘Raising kids is the best exercise in the world for strengthening the part of the brain that’s responsible for not choking other humans, especially once they’ve started to master the double-edged sword of reason and logic. We tend to forget that we’ve taught our kids since birth that fairness must be upheld at all times, and injustice must always be rectified. That moral fiber is how we keep them from becoming assholes and politicians, but it doesn’t come without consequence. Especially when they use it to expose our own hypocrisy with arguments like …’
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Funny 1967 Film Predicts PC, Online Shopping & Email
‘This wonderful clip from the 1967 film, ‘1999 A.D.,’ in which we see a woman with a ’60s bouffant hairdo, doing a bit of online shopping – except in the way this was envisioned back then, which was apparently all analog:

‘”This video console will be channeled into the store of her choice. There, a camera will scan a display of wares, which she will select by push-button.”

‘The film was fairly accurate in predicting that “all bills and transactions will be carried out electronically.”

‘The prediction of what email would be like is perhaps the funniest part. While film shows the husband at his home office, the voiceover says, “Also at his disposal, is an electronic correspondence machine, or home post office, which allows individuals instant written communication anywhere in the world.” The camera zooms in on the husband’s hand, writing in longhand with a pen on a black surface…’
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