Discovered Skull Reopens 2004 Case

nbcnews-131018-cold-case-4x3-4p.photoblog600New York mom steps on a skull and opens a murder case
I don’t see why this case would be hard to solve considering abundance of clues:

Victim was wearing a 1980s Members Only jacket, bellbottoms, tube socks, and a $500 watch
The date on the newest coin found in his pocket was 1974
He stood just 5’1″
Forensic dental exam put him between ages 35 and 55

Even if victim was already 55, there’s no way someone out there doesn’t know him — if he weren’t a total recluse. Come on NY sleuths. Solve this NOW

‘Within hours, on that March day in 2004, investigators from the New York State Police were unearthing the fully clothed skeleton of an unknown male, partially stuffed into a plastic bag just inside the eastern border of Nassau County. Before long, however, they had to admit they were stumped. Who was this man and how did he die? And who dumped his body?

‘One of their best clues to his identity and how long he’d been lying under the leaves was an item of clothing, an iconic artifact from the era of Pac-Man and MTV – his 1980s Members Only jacket…’

8-year-old Boy Foils Snatcher
Jose Alonso manages to get mom’s wallet back
‘In the video, you see 8-year-old Jose Alonso’s mother get out of her SUV to go inside the station. Jose and his sister remained in the SUV. Then another SUV pulls up and a man gets out, opens the door to Alonso’s SUV and takes a purse. Young Jose struggles with the purse snatcher and then runs after him when the criminal drives off. Jose managed to reach into his purse and grab her wallet with all her credit cards inside. When asked why he did it, Jose said, “My sister’s party was coming up and I wanted her to have her party and I wanted my mom to get all of her stuff back.”…’
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World’s Dumbest Laws
‘While most laws are created to protect the interests of society, there are some that are just unexplainable, illogical, and even impractical. From laws concerning what food you may eat and when to laws defining the clothes a murder may or may not where, prepare to be baffled by 25 extremely bizarre laws that don’t make sense…’

example law:
It is Illegal to Wear a Bulletproof Vest While Committing a Murder In New Jersey


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