Our Digital Behavior as Seen in the Analog World

psfk-cellc--236x190‘Just think how different life would if we used a Polaroid instead of Instagram or if updating a status required you to shout it aloud in public. This film challenges the audience to think outside of the box, and imagine a world without social media…’
Here is what life would be like without data.

USB Cable Changing Electrical Use in the Home
‘FIDDLY cables, incompatible plugs and sockets, and the many adaptors needed to fit them all together used to be the travellers’ bane. But the USB (Universal Serial Bus) has simplified their life. Most phones and other small gadgets can charge from a simple USB cable plugged into a computer or an adaptor. Some 10 billion of them are already in use. Hotel rooms, aircraft seats, cars and new buildings increasingly come with USB sockets as a standard electrical fitting.

‘Now a much bigger change is looming. From 2014, a USB cable will be able to provide power to bigger electronic devices. In the long term this could change the way homes and offices use electricity, cutting costs and improving efficiency…’

Carrot Dating
Would you use bribery to get first online dates? Isn’t that starting on the wrong foot? CarrotDating allows you to do that.

Carrot Dating is the world’s first mobile app where singles can use bribery to get first dates. This unique approach teaches singles to always bring something to the table. Whether it is a special gift or a unique activity, the Carrot Dating app gives you the power to prove your worth and date the man or woman of your dreams.
try it here

A hydroponic floating agricultural system
SEALEAF is a modular hydroponic floating agricultural system for urban coastal environments that challenges the systems of land use and a culture of global food importation by returning food production to the centre of its consumption. By 2015, a project 340 million people will reside in the worlds 21 megacities, of which 18 are coastal. Feeding these cities against a backdrop of explosive population growth, urbanization, rising sea levels, desertification and a demand for abundance will become a challenge beyond that of our existing infrastructure.

uProxy is a browser extension that lets users share alternative more secure routes to the Internet. It’s like a personalised VPN service that you set up for yourself and your friends. uProxy helps users protect each other from third parties who may try to watch, block, or redirect users’ Internet connections.
What does uProxy do and why would I want to use it?


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