‘Electronic Blood’ to Power Next-Gen Computers

IBM Personal Computer XT front

IBM Personal Computer XT front (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‘As reported by the BBC, IBM is looking for a solution. One idea is to cool computers the way the human body cools its brain – by using a fluid, i.e. blood. IBM’s Patrick Ruch and Bruno built a proof-of-concept computer chips that contains tiny channels that would circulate a fluid past electronic components, cooling them down. They think an electrolyte similar to what goes inside a battery would work best for the “electronic blood.” As it passed through the channels, it would not only dissipate heat, but would also deliver energy to the chips. It would work because as the fluid traveled through ever-smaller channels, it would pass electrodes that would pick up the electrons from the fluid and use them to create a current…’

TSA Could Send Your Info to Debt Collectors
According to this article at the NY Times, if you are even “accused of violating security regulations” they will hand over your personal information to debt collection agencies.”

‘…an update about the T.S.A.’s Transportation Security Enforcement Record System, which contains information about travelers accused of “violations or potential violations” of security regulations, warns that the records may be shared with “a debt collection agency for the purpose of debt collection.”

‘A recent privacy notice about PreCheck notes that fingerprints submitted by people who apply for the program will be used by the F.B.I. to check its unsolved crimes database…’

Choose carefully your free cloud service
Box.com allowed allowed stranger to delete user’s files
‘…Something clearly was amiss. So I contacted Box.com support and asked them what the hell had happened to my account. Their response was chilling: They had no record of any account associated with my email address. I forwarded them the emails they had sent to that very address. No matter, they couldn’t find it. I gave them my alternate email addresses. No dice. I gave them the email addresses of several people with whom I had shared files over the years, thinking maybe the account had been mistakenly assigned to them. Nope.

‘It was gone.

‘My account had vanished into thin air – and taken three years’ worth of files with it…’

Turn Your Smartphone into an Electronic Microscope
With a Few Inexpensive Materials
‘Smartphone cameras are improving with miraculous speeds, but did you know you can use their high  definition quality to take photos of plant cells? With a few things from the hardware store and a cheap laser, you can use your phone as an electronic microscope. This is really helpful for schools or science nerds – I especially like the ability to do time lapses with ease. Imagine all of the geeky Vines you can make!

‘If you’re ready for a lot of Science, grab your tools and watch this great tutorial:


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