Is the Internet a “US colony” Now?

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F-Secure’s chief research officer Mikko Hypponen argued that the internet had “become a US colony” at the expense of democracy. “We’re back in the age of colonisation,” he said. Bruce Schneier of The Atlantic mentions one reason for power play on the Net: ‘The Internet has emboldened traditional power as well.’
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Widely Used Technologies You Didn’t Know Are Obsolete
‘This is a world where we can pull out a phone and bring up a video of donkey show in a matter of minutes. And yet, chugging along are some technologies that don’t realize they are practically useless. We asked our readers to show us the worst offenders and gave the winner $100 …’
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Meet The Best Gamers In The World
Think You Have Skills? Can You Compare To These Guys
‘Over the last decade, games that pit players against other players have evolved into a new sort of culture. Some call it competitive gaming, others call it eSports, but regardless of the name, one truth remains: some players are just so insanely skilled that it almost feels superhuman. Join me as I traverse the history of competitive gaming and touch on some of the most influential competitive gamers from around the world…’

Do you have a website and want to see how it looks on different mobile devices? Here’s one good way
‘There are a lot of mobile emulators on the Internet, but most of them are not that good, and do not support javascript and flash very well. So you will not see the real result on your phone. Page2Images is a tool to give you a more accurate mobile emulator…’


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