Japan To Blow Up Asteroid

JAXA Kibo, the largest module for the Internat...

JAXA Kibo, the largest module for the International Space Station (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Successfully Builds Space Cannon
‘Japanese scientists have successfully tested a space cannon that will be used to blast a hole in an asteroid as part of an upcoming mission. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) will use the weapon to gather extensive data about the composition of asteroid 1999JU3 that could not be obtained by simply scanning the undisturbed surface. This successful test sets up a launch for next year…’

Will you eat this?
3D-Printed Food Is Now A Reality
‘3D-printed food hasn’t gone much further than chocolate, but a Barcelona-based startup called Natural Machines is working on a 3D printer that will be able to produce pasta, bread, and other food item that starts out as a dough, paste or stiff liquid. The breakthrough could be the start of a new era for 3D printing and the possible foods it can produce.

‘Unlike other 3-D printers, the startup’s device can print using six different materials instead of just one, which allows much more complicated foods to be made. There is even a heater built in to the printer which keeps the food warm during the printing process…’

A Bitcoin Buyer’s Experience
I Bought Bitcoin In Person And Here’s What Happened

‘Every week, Weston trades between $0 and $4,000 in Bitcoin. He makes a slight profit on the fee, but certainly not enough to quit his job. (Disclosure: Since I bought a very small amount of Bitcoin, Weston waived his usual fee for me.)

‘Most transactions go smoothly, but not all of them. Weston estimates he’s lost $1,000 due to scams. Once a client sent him counterfeit money through the mail. Another time a bank error on the customer’s part resulted in the Bitcoin buyer never paying Richard back.

‘But he takes it in stride. “Anybody in this exchange business has been scammed once or twice.”…’
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Web Platform Enables Users To Create Apps Without Any Tech Know-How [Video]
Currently raising funds on Kickstarter, Adsy is a mobile web app that lets users create and share apps on the go.

‘Users don’t need to know how to code or make their own wireframes to create their own apps with Adsy. All they have to do is click on a few buttons and they can create their own shareable app. With Adsy, users can create pages, add photos, videos, text, sounds, and more. The app doesn’t have rigid templates so users are free to create and format their content however they want and for whatever purpose-be it for work, school, or just for fun…’


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