SA’s First Digtal Public School

libcomInside South Africa’s first textbook free government school

The problem with replacing textbooks with tablets
Students might save money with tablets but what if time comes you need full textprint or hardcopy? Printing your own copy might negate what you saved or could be more expensive. You will also have to deal with copyright permissions.

‘Every pupil at Sunward is required to buy a tablet and bring it, fully charged, to class every morning. Failure to do the latter two will result in a typical scholarly punishment – detention or similar. Struggle to achieve the first, however, and the school will do its best to help out.

“’Parents were already spending an average of R1 800 on textbooks every year anyway,” explains Thango, “We were able to sell two different tablets at the start, a seven inch one for R1 000 and a 10inch one for R2 000. Most of our textbooks come from MacMillan or Pearsons, and we were able to negotiate a big discount on three year licences for ebook versions, so it only costs R300 per learner per year.”…’
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Japan says NSA request is illegal
NSA asked Japan to tap regionwide fiber-optic cables in 2011
‘The U.S. National Security Agency sought the Japanese government’s cooperation in 2011 over wiretapping fiber-optic cables carrying phone and Internet data across the Asia-Pacific region, but the request was rejected, sources said Saturday.

‘The agency’s overture was apparently aimed at gathering information on China given that Japan is at the heart of optical cables that connect various parts of the region. But Tokyo turned down the proposal, citing legal restrictions and a shortage of personnel, the sources said…’

Tech Devices That Will Protect Your Home When You’re Away
‘Protecting the safety of your family and your home is one of the most important things that you can do. With the vast number of technological advances, you can expand your protection plan beyond a home alarm. There are many other gadgets that you can use to protect your loved ones from harm. Here are 6 interesting tech devices to help protect your home while you’re away…’
the devices

9 Ways to Make a Difference Without Leaving Your Computer
‘This Saturday is Make a Difference Day, a time to volunteer and give back to your community.

‘But if you’re already booked this weekend, and don’t have the time for a big project you can still help out, even if you don’t want to leave your house…’
the ways


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