Save $Hundreds on Cell Phone Service

gizmodo‘Cell phone contracts are bad. You get a seemingly cheap phone up front, but you more than pay for the cost of the phone over two years. Prepaid phone plans are surging in North America for a reason.

‘Prepaid phone plans will be cheaper and more flexible than traditional contracts with big carriers for many people. However much you use your phone, there’s a good chance you can save money with a prepaid service…’
No More Contracts

The complete guide to in-flight WiFi in the USA
‘If you’re as deeply tied into tech as we are, you likely hate that feeling when you realize your going to be stuck on a plane for hours with little to entertain you but a tiny TV screen, some crappy headphones, and that book that you take on trips but never read.

‘So, we’ve put together a list of 11 airlines that offer in-flight WiFi in the US, so you can plan your trips accordingly. It’s that or the book…’

Journo Asks Hackers to Spy on Him and Got Scared
Hacker took control of his wife’s computer, got into his bank account, and cracked all his passwords
‘I challenged Nicholas Percoco, senior vice president of SpiderLabs, the advanced research and ethical hacking team at Trustwave, to perform a personal “pen-test,” industry-speak for “penetration test.” The idea grew out of a cover story I wrote for Forbes some 14 years earlier, when I retained a private detective to investigate me, starting with just my byline. In a week he pulled up an astonishing amount of information, everything from my social security number and mother’s maiden name to long distance phone records, including who I called and for how long, my rent, bank accounts, stock holdings, and utility bills…’

5 Things You Need to Know About HR (That They’ll Never Admit)
In my experience, young female interviewers are the worst. They were outright biased, discriminating
‘Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the folks in the HR department can have a significant impact on your career. From compensation to promotion decisions, many people underestimate the role of HR and what a difference it can make if they’re on your side. (Click here to Tweet this thought.)

‘The next time you see the HR rep coming your way, don’t duck into the copy room or act distracted at the water cooler. Smile, say hello and keep these tips from an HR insider in mind:…’


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