Car Hacking Gets More Dangerous

Hackers mess with speedos, odometers, alarms and locks
‘If you lend your car to Ted Sumers and Grayson Zulauf, there’s a good chance it’ll never work the same again. You might even get it back on a tow truck.

‘The duo weren’t street hoons but rather a pair of capable hardware hackers who know how to mess with a car’s speedometre, brakes and alert systems.

‘They were the latest in a burgeoning scene of academics and security boffins who along with a thriving but fragmented assortment of rev-head hobbyist geeks are battering the digital fabric powering modern-day cars…’

The Companies That Own the Internet
It’s American Firms that own the Net and not US per se


3 Identity Theft Horror Stories That Will Make Your Toes Curl
‘According to a 2012 study cited by Forbes magazine, one in every 20 adults has been affected by identity theft — a number that industry watchdogs only expect to rise going into 2014. In the U.S. alone, the FTC hears from more than 20,000 consumers a week whose identities have been stolen. And the repercussions go far beyond a mere short-term financial inconvenience. You could potentially spend years trying to fix the fallout.

‘So what can you do to protect yourself? While there are many precautions to take, one of the most crucial ones is educating yourself in how these criminals operate. Check out these three identity fraud horror stories and pay close attention — you might even learn something from these other people’s stories…’

Dirty secrets of the IT industry
‘We asked InfoWorld readers to reveal the dirtiest secrets of IT — the less-than-white lies and dark sides of technology that others may not be aware of. We then ran those “secrets” through a BS detector, fact-checking them with experts in the relevant field. In some cases the experts concurred, in other cases they did not.

‘Do sys admins wield power far beyond the CIO’s worst nightmares? Are IT employees routinely walking off with company equipment? Can the data you store in the cloud really disappear in an instant? Are you paying far too much for tech support?…’

Read on to find out what our leakers and experts believe


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