One Way to Really Celebrate Book Lover’s Day

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25 Literary GIFs for Book Lovers
You might not agree with all the GIFs like I did (some are corny) but it will still be fun. Here is no. 23:

mashable-book-balletYou’ve been known to engage in crazy multi-tasking while reading
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Why You Should Return Library Books
I’ve bought some used paperback books to learn they were unreturned library books. I might have returned them if the books were not from the US. What this man didn’t return is a guidebook
Guy Jailed for Overdue Library Book
‘An ordinance adopted by the City of Copperas Cove could mean an arrest for patrons if they don’t return library materials.

‘A recent case landed one man behind bars for a book he’d had checked out for more than three years.

‘On Wednesday Jory Enck was booked into jail and released for overdue library materials.

‘Court documents show he checked out a…

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