Where is Your Partial Continuous Attention Focused?

Tantek Multitasking

Tantek Multitasking (Photo credit: Thomas Hawk)

The Dangers of Multitasking and Mental Stress
‘…Dr. Gary Small, Professor of Psychiatry and Aging at the UCLA School of Medicine says that a mental process related to multitasking called partial continuous attention (PCA) is difficult to resist because “our dopamine circuits that are involved in reward systems drive it because we want that exciting new bit of information.” So how can we resist this mental process?

‘Small says we have to be aware of it and try to manage it better. Consider this example:…’

The Water Powered Flashlight
Imagine wall clocks operating & lasting 6-12 months with water, you’ll never need to leave your house just to buy batteries and there’s no need to recharge them with wall-chargers. What could be more convenient than replenishing your batteries with water from the faucet? 😀

The flashlight runs 30mins continuously with tap water and 2 hours with saltwater. Not bad for a single celled prototype 😀 This thing also works well with calculators, clocks & radios Remember, adding a second cell triples the glow and lighting time!
How Does It Work?

Alternative to Ugly Smartwatches
MEMI is a chic iPhone-compatible smartbracelet that notifies you of important phone calls, text messages & calendar alerts.

LinkedIn: meet the resume
Turn your LinkedIn Profile into a beautiful resume in seconds. No more messing around with multiple Word and PDF documents scattered all over the computer. Pick a resume template, customize the content, and print and share the result to your heart’s content.

Make My Browser
Create your own personalized browser
Very useful if your official Chomium browser is loaded and heavy on CPU and you want to run Chromium along with other browsers
No need to log in/out with other family members

Based on Google Chromium
It’s free
Create a dedicated browser for each member of the family
See more


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