The Cutting Board Suitcase

psfk-bamboochopper-It lets you cook on the street but make a quick guess. If this product becomes popular, a license to carry will surely follow. Guess why

‘It is tough to prepare foods outside the kitchen, especially when cooking utensils are a hassle to bring along on any trip. Often times than not, we choose to leave the cutting board and knife at home.

‘Designer Iskander van Wagtendonk found the ultimate solution. He created the Bamboochopper, a cutting board that folds like a suitcase, and contains all the essential items needed for cooking. There is a small stove and a butcher’s knife…’

Google’s Connected Classrooms
Today we’re launching a new initiative on Google+ called Connected Classrooms that enables students around the world to take “virtual field trips” through Google+ Hangouts, visiting places they would otherwise never be able to explore.

Public Diary Calls For Voicemails From Strangers
‘Jeff Lam’s Voicemail Diaries project asks strangers to contribute an entry to an audio diary by leaving an anonymous voicemail of private thoughts.

‘Art director and artist Jeff Lam is intrigued by strangers. In 2011, he created a video – The Nicest Place on the Internet – which anyone who was feeling blue could watch to receive a virtual hug from strangers. Now, he has set up Voicemail Diaries, a new online project where people call an actual phone number and leave a voicemail in response to Lam’s series of questions…’
voicemail diaries

Wisconsin truck driver builds atomic bomb
“The secret of the atomic bomb is how easy they are to make” – John Coster-Mullen, truck driver.

“Nothing else in the Manhattan Project literature comes close to his exacting breakdown of the bomb’s parts.” – National Resource Defense Council

Coster-Mullen spent nearly ten years analyzing photographs and interviewed more than 150 scientists and engineers to reverse-engineer Little Boy and Fat Man.
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