‘Undying Chinese’ vs ‘Kill Everyone in China’

globalvoicesonline-ABC-protestChinese Respond to American Child’s “Kill Everyone in China” Comment on Jimmy Kimmel Live
To address the prejudice against mainland Chinese, an animation called the Undying Chinese, was released on November 2 and circulated widely online.

‘“America owes China a lot of money, $1.3 trillion. How should we pay them back?” One of the kids suggested, “We should go all the way to the other side of the planet and kill everyone in China.”

‘The episode appeared on an American Broadcasting Company (ABC) TV show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, on 16 October 2013 in which the popular American comedian Jimmy Kimmel held a Kid’s Table discussion on the US government’s debt crisis. The episode has annoyed some American Chinese communities whose sentiments have travelled back to mainland China via social media over the past month…’

Cleveland: Serial Killer Capital of America
Top 10 Criminals That Prove Cleveland is the Serial Killer Capital of America

‘Cleveland may not be the city to move to if you enjoy winning sports championships, but it’s apparently the best place to be if you have murder in your blood. A disproportionately high number of serial killers and psychopaths have emerged from Drew Carey’s neck of the woods, more so than many other places. With crime rates two to three times the national average, along with the following famous criminals that call it home, it’s pretty plain to see why Cleveland could so easily claim the title of Serial Killer Capital of America. It’s a badge they surely wear with pride…’
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Meet the ATF’s Undercover Hit-Men
These guys agree to kill for pay-then turn around and bust their customers

‘The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives employs an army of guys like him whom nobody’s ever heard of and nobody is supposed to know about. On the street he goes by Thrash or Hammer or any name that might suggest a ruthless killer, but for this story we will call him Special Agent Charles Hunt. People hire him to kill or maim or blow stuff up, and he goes along with it until…he doesn’t. The bust happens. The intended victim is saved. The wacko who ordered the hit gets put away…’
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Brazil’s “Internet Constitution”
It’s due to be voted next week amid a war involving local politicians, some of the largest telecommunications firms and activists over citizens rights online.

‘The fate of the regulations, dubbed Marco Civil da Internet, was due to be decided earlier this week but disagreement from corporates and the political opposition over the original proposals meant the voting got postponed to next week…’

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