Google Tech Duo say F*** NSA

politico-mad_magazine_523_cover_obama_spy_328They also thank Snowden for revealing snooping
The Google tech team work specifically on how to keep hackers out of its system so it’s natural that whoever persistently tries to hack Google will rile them

‘…Hearn’s comments echoed (and also referenced) similar views from a colleague, Brandon Downey, who also posted his thoughts to Google+ recently.

‘“Brandon Downey, a colleague of mine on the Google security team, said (after the usual disclaimers about being personal opinions and not speaking for the firm which I repeat here) – “f*** these guys”… I now join him in issuing a giant F*** You to the people who made these slides,” he wrote.

‘Rounding it off, he simply says “Thank you Edward Snowden. For me personally, this is the most interesting revelation all summer.”…’

Beehive Identifies Fake Facebook, Dating Users
BeehiveID analyzes your social media accounts to figure out who’s fake and who’s real on the Web
‘The Internet is a fakers paradise. Facebook estimates that roughly 7 percent of accounts – some 76 million – are phony. Twitter guesses 5 percent of its 200-million+ active users are bogus. (I’d lay money that both numbers are actually much higher.)

‘Of course, if you are one of the thousands hundreds 17 regular readers of TY4NS, you’d know that already. I’ve spent a fair amount of time over the last three years chronicling bots, sockpuppets, and other assorted fakers on Facebook, Twitter, and the Web in general…’

The End Of TV’s Golden Era
‘TV, in 2013, has entered uncharted territory. It has transcended its medium and been accepted as an art form all its own. TV now lives on our phones and our computers; we watch it on tablets and stream it through boxes. Never before has it commanded so much respect; at no time in its history has it been so breathlessly considered, so unabashedly embraced. There may be fewer and fewer things to love, but there have never been more shows worthy of our like. The sheer quantity of options can, on a busy Sunday night, mask the dwindling amount of quality…’

Crime fic writer Randy Wayne White already knew about NSA’s espionage activities since 2001.
Quotes from him:

‘No matter how secure our lives may seem, we live by degrees and survive by inches.’

‘In the instant violence occurs, humanity seems reduced to the most meaningless of fictions…’


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