The Death of TV and Video Shops

nytimes-07blockbuster-articleLargeInternet Kills the Video Store too as if killing the TV wasn’t enough
‘Blockbuster, which had more than 9,000 retail stores across America just nine years ago, is closing the few hundred video-rental stores that it still has, the company’s owner, Dish Network, said on Wednesday in a bittersweet but long-expected announcement…’
The End Of TV’s Golden Era

Bedside Lamp Encourages Recording Late Night Ideas [Pics]
Bed Ideas comes with an on-and-off cord and a fabric strip that can hold a stack of post-its and a pen.
This would be useful too when you’re on the streets and had a sudden idea. Just use the post-it

‘When an idea hits you just before you go to sleep or even in the middle of the night, you can simply pull on the cord to turn on the light and grab the pen and paper to write down your thoughts…’
bedside lamp

How to block NSA?
Encrypt All Internal Traffic to Lock Spies Out
That’s how Google Reacted to NSA Spying Scandal
‘Google has started to encrypt its traffic between its data centers, effectively halting the broad surveillance of its inner workings by the joint National Security Agency-GCHQ program known as MUSCULAR. The move turns off a giant source of information to the two agencies, which at one point accounted for nearly a third of the NSA’s daily data intake for its primary intelligence analysis database-at least for now…’

Sometimes, we need to remind ourselves of sudden calamities. This is one good way
Realistic Dioramas Portray NYC In The Throes Of Apocalyptic Destruction [Pics]
Meticulously staged photographs portray eerie city scenes devoid of all humans
‘Imagining a future in which New York City’s inhabitants have mysteriously disappeared – abducted by extraterrestrials, fled in wake of a nuclear accident, perished in a second black plague, or any other sinister possibility – Lori Nix embarked on a staged photography project entitled The City.

‘That was in 2005. Nix has worked slowly on this project, crafting each image by hand out of cardboard, clay, and a variety of other materials. Each one takes about seven months to complete, with two to three weeks devoted to capturing the right shot. Nix credits a Kansas upbringing for her morbid fascination (possibly bordering on obsession, she writes on her website) with the apocalypse. Raised in a small, rural part of the state, she explains:…’


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2 Responses to The Death of TV and Video Shops

  1. DigitalPlato says:

    Right Din. Even some producers are retards.


  2. din1992bay says:

    To a large extent its true, today a good film producers can be proud of themselves only by seeing the number of Facebook likes..


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