Are Humans a “code in progress”?

brainpickings-selfportrait_debbiemillman_coverThe human problem is, whereas the computer has a fixed code, our abilities are limited only by our perceptions.
‘John Maeda once explained, “The computer will do anything within its abilities, but it will do nothing unless commanded to do so.” I think people are the same — we like to operate within our abilities. But whereas the computer has a fixed code, our abilities are limited only by our perceptions. Two decades since determining my code, and after 15 years of working in the world of branding, I am now in the process of rewriting the possibilities of what comes next. I don’t know exactly what I will become; it is not something I can describe scientifically or artistically. Perhaps it is a “code in progress.”…’

A social network that runs without the Internet
‘Tin Can is a phone-to-phone messaging app that requires no Internet connection or cell phone service. With roughly the same signal strength of literally two tin cans connected with a string, Katakowski’s app can send signals only a couple dozen feet at most…’

We’re About to Lose Net Neutrality – And the Internet as We Know It
If the prediction by Marvin Ammori (below) becomes reality, American netizens will lose much of their online freedom. Then I think we can safely declare that the Net is a US colony

‘The neutral and level playing field provided by permissionless innovation has empowered all of us with the freedom to express ourselves and innovate online without having to seek the permission of a remote telecom executive.

‘But today, that freedom won’t survive much longer if a federal court – the second most powerful court in the nation behind the Supreme Court, the DC Circuit – is set to strike down the nation’s net neutrality law, a rule adopted by the Federal Communications Commission in 2010…’


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