3o Things Your Smartphone Made ‘Obsolete’

To celebrate and love and hate of our technological dependence on our smartphone, we are sharing this fun video from Buzzfeed that highlights just 30 of the common, everyday things that smartphones have been replacing.

gizmag-stealth-computer-monitor-polarizing-glassesDIY: Build a “stealth” computer display
It’s not as difficult as it sounds. You just remove your display’s outer polarizing filter, and use polarizing sunglasses to view your display

‘Computer monitors have become larger and larger over the decades, making it easier for passersby to read sensitive information or activities over one’s shoulders. An additional layer of security (and fun) can be added to your computer’s LCD display by following the lead of Brusspup, a well-known online illusionist and computer artist…’
how to

An Artist’s Mutant Lifeform Exhibition
This was an entry to the International Robotics Expo
‘If you are a geek-at-heart, there’s likely no more loved artist than Yasuhito Udagawa (AKA Shovelhead). I photographed one of Shovelhead’s exhibitions two years ago and it caused an avalanche of interest in his techno-mutant life-forms, so when he emailed me to let me know there was another exhibition on the last day of the International Robotics Expo, I was there!

‘As you’ll see from the gallery, Yasuhito creates insects, fish and animals that look like they are alive, or might have been recently, yet they combine very realistic robotics and metallic structures within them – like hybrid creatures that are part machine, part life form…’

The life story of Udagawa is also interesting

8 Movies Featuring Technology All Geeks Should Watch
I’m waiting for the day when I could watch or scan all those. I wonder if the book version of these movies are better than the flicks. If you know, please tell
‘Thankfully, there are some movies out there that treat technology with the respect it deserves, though not all are particularly enamored with modern society’s over-reliance on it. Still, even these movies can be entertaining for geeks who will soak up any and all mentions of the technology that shapes our world.

‘What follows is a list of 8 movies featuring technology which all geeks should watch at least once…’
the movies


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