The Evolution of the Mobile Phone


Easily break the law using your smartphone
‘It’s this easy: After your current contract with your wireless provider (perhaps Verizon) expires, change the software on your phone such that you can use it to make calls with a different provider (say, T-Mobile). There, you just broke the law.

‘That’s right: Using a phone-purchased by you-to legally connect to another mobile network has broken federal law since October 2012. But on Thursday, the lead regulator of the mobile phone industry took a major, formal step to not only making phone unlocking legal-but making it easier, and making it free…’

Screech sifts through  Twitter and collects all of the posts from people who are seeking answers to questions. The website then highlights these questions in a stream that users can browse and allows them to respond to the questions they know the answer to. The designer of Screech, Sam Piggott, claims that the website took an afternoon to make and that the most difficult part was choosing the color scheme.

Is the Computer intelligent? Or just clever?
Has the computer passed the threshold in which it could actually be described as “intelligent”?

‘Eric Siegel, an expert in machine learning and natural language processing, says he never thought he would in his lifetime experience a machine acting in a way that he would subjectively consider to be intelligent. IBM’s Watson, however,  changed all of that. Watson is a computer system that is able to rapidly understand and analyze natural language.’



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