Being Always Connected

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Best and Worst Thing About Social Media the Same
That’s what Randi Zuckerberg, a Facebook official, says.

Imagine if you’re already a celeb and because you’re always connected in social networks too, there is an overwhelming pressure to continually respond to fan emails, text messages, etc.,

‘”It’s ironic that the best and worst thing about social media are the same thing – the fact that we are always connected,” Zuckerberg, now CEO and founder of her own company Zuckerberg Media, told Mashable in an email. “Thanks to things like Facebook Live, we never have to miss content or important news updates, and thanks to smartphones, I have the flexibility to be on a multi-week book tour right now, while still feeling connected with my family.

“‘On the other hand, because we’re always connected, there is an overwhelming pressure to continually respond to emails, text messages, etc., which can impact your relationships and your ability to be creative.”

‘The latter is becoming a major problem in society, and serves as the basis for Zuckerberg’s book. To outsiders, it may seem odd for someone with her last name to encourage people to get offline, but she doesn’t see it that way…’

Is Europe Creating it’s Own Internet?
For now, Europe is creating it’s own cloud storage that’s safe from the NSA’s prying eyes
‘…According to Estonia’s president Toomas Hendrik Ilves, these allegations have brought greater public awareness of cloud security. “Before 6 June, this was a process that was going on without much public opinion,” he said, referring to the date when the Snowden NSA leaks first hit the press, “that it seemed to be kind of a thing for geeks.

‘”After 6 June, this has become a pan-European issue for good and bad.”

”Cloud for Europe’ seeks to establish a common regulatory framework for a continent-wide cloud, intended to be more secure from the eyes of foreign intelligence services than the currently available equivalents…’
cloud for Europe

Activists Foil Chinese Firewall to Unblock Reuters
‘A group of Internet activists has apparently found a way to circumvent the Great Firewall to unblock Reuters’ Chinese-language website, which was censored on Friday. The site is now accessible in China through mirror sites, launched on Sunday by a group of activists called GreatFire.

‘Reuters is now hosted on two mirrors; sites that have the same content as the original, but have a different domain address. One is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the other on Google’s Cloud Storage.

‘Neither of these services are blocked in China, so Chinese netizens who know the mirror sites’ addresses can still read the Chinese version of Reuters even though the actual site is blocked…’

Twitter to Facebook Autopost
Do you want your tweets and/or retweets autoposted to your Facebook timeline?
Use this IfTTT recipe:


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