‘Because’ a New Preposition Because legit?

smthree.wordpress-social-mediaWill this new social coinage cause online outrage again?
‘I mention all that … because language. Because evolution. Because there is another way to use “because.” Linguists are calling it the “prepositional-because.” Or the “because-noun.”

‘You probably know it better, however, as explanation by way of Internet-explanation that maximizes efficiency and irony in equal measure. I’m late because YouTube. You’re reading this because procrastination. As the linguist Stan Carey delightfully sums it up: “‘Because’ has become a preposition, because grammar.”…’

Scientists Use Facebook to Know Your Personality Better Than Your Friends Do
Data from status updates can now be used to predict a Facebook user’s gender, race, sexual orientation and political beliefs with remarkable accuracy, the researchers say.

‘Last month, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania released findings suggesting it’s possible to predict our personality traits based on the language we use on Facebook [1]. The study adds to a growing body of research suggesting that analyzing our activity on social media may be one of the best ways to learn about human psychology.

‘At the same time, all this research raises bigger questions about what it means to have a “personality” at all. Are people just datasets waiting to be plugged into an algorithm? Or, alternatively, are we more complex and unpredictable than any theory could possibly make room for? It’s possible the answer to both questions is “yes.”…’

What is a “social business,” and why is it so effective?
‘Over the past two decades, the internet has disrupted the way companies operate in a huge way-it’s almost unimaginable to think how we got anything done without it! Now, we’re seeing that same transformation in the social realm-businesses are moving beyond having just a Facebook page or Twitter account, and they’re incorporating social functions into everyday business processes and decisions, from sales and marketing to HR and product development.

‘It’s really a shift in the way we work, communicate, collaborate, and share expertise with each other. Social businesses use social tools to listen to customers, spur innovation, identify new market opportunities, and create a smarter, more effective workforce…’

Revealing Your Test Scores
I was planning to take this vocabulary test but DailyWritingTips warned: ‘…it’s considered bad form to reveal your score or to ask others how they scored.’ I didn’t take the test. What good is it taking a test when it’s unethical to reveal your scores? Still interested? Go here:

‘TestYourVocab.com is part of an independent American-Brazilian research project to measure vocabulary sizes according to age and education, and particularly to compare native learning rates with foreign language classroom learning rates.

‘It functions by means of a quick three-part test: the first part with a handful of words to determine the general vocabulary level, a second part with a larger but narrower selection of words to determine the vocabulary level with greater precision, and a final (optional) survey to collect statistical information.

‘The site provides accurate results for virtually everyone, from very small children (with answers input by parents) to professional linguists. It can calculate vocabulary sizes from less than 100 words to more than 40,000 words…’


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