Why Today’s Kids Can’t Run as Fast as Parents Did

bbc.co_71199843_smiling_children_racing_in_field-spl-1And surprise: this decline started 30 years ago!
‘Many children cannot run as fast as their parents could when they were young, a study of global fitness says.

‘Experts say the work – being presented at the American Heart Association’s annual meeting – suggests children’s fitness levels may be declining.

‘Researchers analysed data spanning 46 years and involving more than 25 million children in 28 countries…’

Why the American Cancer Society is a Scam
‘We can thank Samuel S. Epstein and many others for shining a light on an institution that is more concerned with lining their pockets than stopping cancer – the American Cancer Society (ACS). Hopefully, after reading highlights from this more than 100-page document outlining the shady dealings of the American Cancer Society with Big Pharma and its neglect in discussing environmental factors which add to cancer rates, you will boycott them all and leave them with nothing but lint in their pockets…’

Are Art Auctions Just Money Laundering?
Why are fine art prices continuing to rise?
‘Art has become an efficient instrument for hiding cash. Swiss banks are no longer a very private place. But a warehouse in Switzerland – or, for that matter, New Jersey – is nicely confidential.

‘And art is a way to clean up your dirty wealth. Say you sell, well, drugs. You might buy a painting for $7 million, paying $2 million in cash (helping the seller to avoid taxes), so the transaction is listed as $5 million. You put it in a warehouse for two years, let it predictably appreciate, and then sell it for $9 million. You’ve not only made $2 million, but you’ve cleaned another $2 million. Nobody the wiser…’

The United Nations of America
An author has this idea that the U.S. Is Really 11 Nations. Will you endorse that?
‘For hundreds of years, this nation has been known as the United States of America. But according to author and journalist Colin Woodard, the country is neither united, nor made up of 50 states. Woodward has studied American voting patterns, demographics and public opinion polls going back to the days of the first settlers, and says that his research shows America is really made up of 11 different nations…’


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