Ali Baba and Touch Tech

psfk-inTouch-technology-storage-deviceIs technology proving Ali Baba’s magic lamp is becoming reality? Just touch or rub the lamp and your wish is granted. Here’s the latest touch-tech
File-Transferring Chip Converts Fingers Into A USB Stick [Video]
Transfer files across different devices and operating systems effortlessly.

DMCA abuse on
‘…Until there are some teeth to the copyright laws, it’s up to us – websites and users, together – to stand up to DMCA fraud and protect freedom of expression. Through these suits, we’d like to remind our users that we’re doing all we can to combat DMCA abuse on….and most importantly, remind copyright abusers to think twice before submitting fraudulent takedown notices. We’ll be watching, and are ready to fight back.

‘We’ll also be actively involved, on behalf of our users, in trying to change the law – both through court cases and in Congress – to make sure that everyone has the right to share their voice on the Internet without threat of censorship…’

Clicking ‘upload’ means losing your rights
And losing your rights means losing whatever you upload
‘Your information is not a piece of property in any legal sense. It’s merely the electrical state of a disk owned by somebody else; or, more likely, the state of a large number of different disks scattered across the world, each containing part or all of what may be numerous copies of your information, backed up and accessed and reproduced as necessary to ensure server-side efficiency.

‘The moment you hit upload, you’ve given away almost every right you might expect to possess over what’s “yours”. Instead, the entitlements and obligations you’re left with will be spelled out in the terms of an almost-certainly-unread licensing agreement with the company who own a service – and who, in most cases, will award themselves the ability to do pretty much anything legal they see fit with your material…’

Can You Use Any Charger With Any Device?
‘Every device – smartphone, tablet, eReader, laptop – seems to come with its own charger. But do you really need all these chargers? Can you re-use the same charger for multiple devices?

‘The Micro-USB connectors and chargers shipped with most modern smartphones and tablets are now supposed to be standardized. This is a topic that’s more confusing than it should be, given this standardization.
Types of Chargers

‘While chargers are becoming more standardized over time, there are still a variety of different charger types in wide use:…’


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