How the Faithful and Unfaithful Think


Infidelity (Photo credit: davemmett)

Cognitive Tricks to Rationalize Infidelity
‘…Participants were given “false feedback” (or inaccurate information) to make them think that they were higher or lower than average regarding past infidelity compared to other participants. So, if Ted was assigned to the “unfaithful” condition in this study, he would have been made to believe that his past interactions with Robin were especially frequent and intimate – essentially, that he was relatively unfaithful to Victoria compared to other people who completed the infidelity scale.

‘The results showed that participants who were made to feel unfaithful had more negative emotions than those in the “faithful” condition. Those made to feel unfaithful were also more likely to report that they did not like themselves. In short, they experienced discomfort about their infidelity. They also tended to downplay their infidelity, reporting that it was not important and did not represent them (“It’s not who I typically am”)…’

Milktarianism to Cure Eye Discomforts
Try this before using reading glasses
Greg Dahlen discovered that his eye discomfort went away when he started living almost entirely on skim milk. I tagged him as the first ‘milktarian’. He told me on our TED talk:

‘…I believe this diet would help anyone with any disease, including big ones like cancer, although this has not been proven, at this point it is just my belief. You can read an interview with me about my experience here although this interview only talks about eye discomfort and not any other disease…’

Hawaii’s Big Island bans biotech companies, GMO crops
‘The Hawaii County Council approved Bill 113 by a vote of 6-3, which would mandate a possible 30 days in jail and up to a $1,000 fine for any violator of the ban on growing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on Big Island, officially known as Hawaii Island, the largest and southernmost of the Hawaiian state.

‘The bill also keeps out biotech giants like Monsanto, Dow and BASF, which have operations on other Hawaiian islands. One of them, Kauai, recently advanced its own legislation that increases regulation of biotech companies there…’
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A Gift Guide for Pessimists
These books are for you if you’re a serious pessimist


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