Brace for the eGovernment

activistpost-download‘Apart from the surveillance involved using social logins, there will be a number of other chilling effects to follow – biometric enrolment, for starters, followed by relentless profiling in the name of predictive policing (aka NSA, GCHQ), and even digital clones used for simulations.

‘Mistrust will run amok. Always having to prove who you are, and what you’re allowed to do.

‘You could even be held responsible for maintaining our online profiles, meaning you’d be liable for what you claim about yourself, and for updating your details when your ID changes in any way. You will also have to pay to have your attributes (such as passing an exam) verified. People are already being advised to watch what they say online, but the global smart ID system would be able to restrict your access to certain resources if you are deemed to be illegible. This might soon happen to people on benefits – caught drinking, or smoking, their benefits might be stopped, for instance…’

The Future of Money

Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin

Bitcoin vs. the U.S.A.

‘Bitcoin is starting to work as a currency, but because of the way it’s built, it also operates as an extremely low-cost money-moving platform. In theory, it could be a threat to PayPal, to Western Union, even to Visa and Mastercard. With Bitcoin, you can move money anywhere in the world without paying the fees.

‘The process isn’t instant. The miners bundle up those transactions every 10 minutes or so. But today, payment processors like BitPay have stepped in to smooth things out and speed them up.

‘The feds have stopped short of trying to kill Bitcoin, but they’ve created an atmosphere where anybody who wants to link the U.S. financial system to Bitcoin is going to have to proceed with extreme caution

‘The trouble is that federal regulators still haven’t quite figured out how to deal with Bitcoin…’
survival guide

Paid casino links can destroy your website

Ever gotten an email offering to pay you to publish links on your blog? This black hat SEO trick could get you in hot water with search engines

The most online business offers I get come from Casino or gambling sites. I have seen how gambling destroyed the lives of many people I know so I never accept. After reading this article, I was so glad I did — there is another reason

‘About six months ago I got almost identical requests from a company calling itself Media Discovery UK. They were a bit cagier about whom they were representing, but a little Internet sleuthing revealed the name of their client:

‘Are Discover Media and Media Discovery the same people? If I were a gambling man, I’d bet on it. But there’s no way of knowing for sure. These folks go to great lengths to obscure their real identities — and that alone should provide a big red flashing warning sign.

‘Me, I’d advise staying far away, unless you like incurring Google’s wrath. But some people are happy to take their money…’

5 Reasons Not To Buy A Smartphone
Reason #4: Don’t buy a smartphone if you value your real-life friends and family.
The Inevitable E-Waste
‘Smartphones are evolving at an incredible rate of knots. Each new generation of these wonder devices offer new and improved features, innovations, and upgraded operating systems which are incompatible with older hardware. Which is great for geeks who like to be at the forefront of technology.

‘Unfortunately, it isn’t so great for the environment and the increasing problem of electronic waste. The smartphones in use today will be out of date and due to be trashed within a year or two, and most, sadly, will end up being binned rather than recycled. Feature phones, on the other hand, can last for years…’
other reasons


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