Why Smart TVs Are Stupid

‘Smart TVs have software made by TV manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, LG. Their software is generally not very good. Smart TVs usually have confusing, often baffling interfaces. Controlling the smart TV’s features will generally involve using a remote, probably using on-screen buttons on the TV. The menu interfaces usually feel old.

‘But don’t take our word for it. A report from NPD last year indicated that only 10% of smart TV owners has used the web browser on their smart TV and about 15% had listened to music from online services. The majority of them had used video apps, however — for example, to watch Netflix on their TV without plugging in additional boxes.

‘Smart TVs will become dumber over time as they don’t receive updates…’

How to detect Social Spambots
In EmpireAvenue, you have investors instead of followers. An investor kept investing big sums on me. Last time I reinvested on her, it was indicated that she has no investment on me. I think that’s how spambots operate in EmpireAvenue — they steal investments.

‘What could be worse is if you don’t identify the signs early on, you might end up clicking on something that will send you to ads, a phishing site, or a malicious site that could exploit security holes and take control of your system.

‘OK, so that might be a tad dramatized (although in all technicality it is possible), but you don’t want to take your chances or fill up your friends/followers list with junk accounts. So what can you do to determine whether you’re just seeing a spambot or an actual person?…’


‘This is my first instructable that i made using my old SVB webcam.
It’s really simple to make..
just place anything 1.5cm away from camera lens and enjoy the crystal clear highly magnified images…’

IDrive Facebook Backup saves your pics and video to the cloud


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