Google Glass Etiquette Rows Go Viral

DIY Glasses

DIY Glasses (Photo credit: bre pettis)

Battle over Google Glass etiquette erupts in another Seattle diner
‘Google Glass has been available to early adopters for nearly nine months, and some merchants are doing their best to keep it out of their establishments. Nick Starr, a network engineer in Seattle, learned that the hard way this month on a visit to the Lost Lake Cafe, a 24-hour diner in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. According to Starr, he had eaten at the cafe several times while wearing Glass, but on his last visit was asked to remove the $1,500 headset or leave. Starr demanded to see a written policy banning Glass, but when the server held her ground he left. “I would love an explanation, apology, clarification,” Starr wrote on Facebook, “and if the staff member was in the wrong and lost the owner money last night and also future income as well, that this income be deducted from her pay or her termination.”…’

Do Free Apps Really Exist?
Sharon Freeman at Soshable claims there’s no such thing as a free app. She also asked ‘Are You Really Saving on Free Apps?’

‘There’s no such thing as a free lunch or a free app, for that matter. Sure, that nifty social network or cloud storage app comes for free but make no mistake. They will find a way to offset the gazillions they have expended on overhead, etc.

‘As information technology pundits would have it: “If you don’t buy the product, you are probably the product.” You only have to check out the terms of service on Facebook; they have clauses that virtually let them intrude upon privacy and mine your data, like where you shop, who you’re connected to, etc. Next time you think an app isn’t selling something, think of yourself. It is probably selling you…’

I say there are really such things as a free apps and that I’m really saving on them. I use dozens of them for years and haven’t experienced any drawbacks. Just try using the free versions of Dictanote, Notelake, Kingsoft, MyDefrag, and yWriter then prove me wrong if you can.

I’m not against using the premium versions of any apps and in fact encourage that. But I will always challenge claims that free apps are really not free.

How A Robotic Arm Changed 4 Lives
‘…Dee can’t operate a light switch because he can’t reach far enough from his wheelchair. He has a disorder called , also known as brittle bone disease. In addition to breaking easily, Dee’s bones are tiny. His legs and arms are all twisted up.

‘The three Rice students heard about Dee in an unusual freshman engineering class. Instead of learning engineering principles from a book, students form teams to come up with engineering solutions for real-world problems.

‘The team’s first step was to meet their client…’

What Makes Raspberry Pi Unique
Five ways the Raspberry Pi is making life a little sweeter

‘The Raspberry Pi project began when a few of us in Cambridge bemoaned the fall in numbers of computer science applicants and the decline in hobbyist programmers.

‘Five years on, much has changed. Applications for computer science at Cambridge are at an all-time high. The computing curriculum for UK schools has been rewritten to help provide children with an appreciation of the powerful and general-purpose tools that computer science can provide. After-school computing clubs are flourishing and often oversubscribed. The maker community is growing in the UK…’


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