An Anti-neoNazi App Created by Police

An Anti-Christ celeb going vegan? Yes she is. Watch out for the news.

haaretz-4065220646Authorities consider hate songs a “gateway drug” to the far-right scene. “Music is indeed a weak spot through which young people can easily be recruited into neo-Nazi circles,” a spokeswoman for the Network Against Nazis website tells the Guardian.

‘The interior ministers of the country’s 16 regional states will meet this week to discuss an new method dubbed “Nazi Shazam,” in reference to the mobile phone-based music identification service Shazam, which can identify music bands and song titles from a short sample picked up via the phone’s microphone.

The new software would let police quickly identify neo-Nazi rock music, which officials regard as a “gateway drug” into the far-right youth scene…’

The Evolution Of Social Media (2008-2013)

‘Earlier today we took a (somewhat cheeky) look at the history of social media, as told by some of the key social networks we’ve seen arrive (and, in a few cases, depart) over the past decade.

‘But, really, social media as we know it today has only really come to be a force in the last five years or so, with the period from 2008 until the present day effectively changing everything we thought we knew about online communication, brand messaging and marketing.

‘HootSuite is celebrating its fifth birthday today and, being the swell folks that they are, they’re drawn together this nifty infographic which takes a closer look at the past five years…’
Here are some key stats and infographic

The Don’ts of Social Media
‘So many blog posts are covering what you should do in content and social media marketing. But sometimes we need to take a step back and have a little review of ettiquette. So today we offer 16 things to NEVER do.’
Here are 3 of those:

Don’t social media vomit.
First, over-saturating your posts will be more likely to get unfollowed. And it’s best to scatter posts at peak times. Of course you don’t have time to remember to post at certain hours. Try a social media tool like Hootsuite or Buffer that will schedule everything at those peak times. (Except there still isn’t automation help for Pinterest.)

Don’t neglect follow-up.
You probably know already that asking questions is a great way to interact with your community. But you gotta respond to those responses. On Facebook and (depending on your settings) LinkedIn, it’s easy, you’ll get a notification in response. In Twitter, try to plan five minutes each day when you go to and reply to, RT and favorite when necessary.

Don’t delete negative comments.
As long as they aren’t profane, deleting a bad review or comment will A. make you seem suspicious and B. tick the hater off into just posting more. (Plus you can’t delete someone else’s Tweet anyway. If it’s egregious, you can flag it.)

the rest of dont’s

Share Your Whole Mobile Video Story with Voyzee

Voyzee is still fast and straight from your phone, still applicable to the on-the-go generation. You can watch the stories you and your friends share to the Voyzee network from anywhere. Instant video apps are like the preface and Voyzee is the novel. Voyzee, with its multiple features and many facets, brings a storytelling platform unlike anything else. Users can combine voice-over narration, photos, videos, captions, filters, and more to create a full story, a beginning, middle, and end. With Voyzee, users can create a story about anything– and they do.


Twitter and Facebook account for 75% of all social sharing
New Sharing Stats Every Content Marketer Needs To Know


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