How to Mask Your Credit Cards for Safe Shopping

Credit card

Credit card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‘Even the most trustworthy online merchant might get hit by a data breach, and if they haven’t properly secured their data, your credit card details might be at risk.

‘Fortunately, there’s a way to shop without revealing your credit card number. The privacy specialists at Abine are making their “Masked Cards” service available for free until December 26th. If you choose to continue using it after the holidays, the service costs $5 per month…’
How It Works

Drone Trains Won’t Stop Wrecks and could be Hijacked too
‘Turning trains into drones has other problems, which should be fairly predictable in the age of Stuxnet and growing fly-by-wire infrastructure. A system that can slow a train down before a dangerous curve can, in different hands, make it go faster into that curve. In some quarters it’s thought that a hacked command-and-control system moved a Blue Line ‘L’ train with no operator present.

‘In the end, no technology could have saved Sunday’s doomed Metro-North train. However late, it’s almost certain that Rockefeller acted faster than a positive control system because such a system would still only be bound by the speed limits in place on the line. When the 30 mph speed zone might have triggered his train’s control systems at the very beginning of the curve, he was already trying to stop. And it was already much too late for that…’

How to Hijack any drone for $400
Hijacking Drones in Mid-air
A warning to business drones
‘Although Amazon’s proposed drone-based product delivery service is still apparently years away, one hacker has already developed a sort of next-generation pirate ship that could hijack and redirect Amazon’s delivery bots mid-air.

‘On his website, Sammy Kamkar explained SkyJack, a witty name for a software he developed that allows a remote operator to take control over a drone while it’s still flying.

‘The software, which Kamkar calls “Zombie drone” throughout a YouTube video explaining it, runs on a Parrot AR.Drone 2 and scans for other drones’ wireless signals while flying. When it detects nearby drones, the software disconnects the target drone from its wireless connection to its operator, then takes the operator’s place. The target drone is then subjected to the same control as the one that detected it, and can be controlled by the operator…’

A great way to avoid clutter
An Ultrabook, Tablet, and Smartphone in one
‘After a series of legal wrangles derailed the 2003 release of the Xentex Flip-Pad, a dual-screen laptop with independently-pivoting screens, former Xentex founder and CEO Jeff Batio has climbed back on the horse and is preparing to launch an updated version. The If Convertible is a mobile device that flips and folds to transform from a dual-screen ultrabook to a tablet, with one screen also detaching to serve as a smartphone…’

What Can We Expect From Generation Z?
Will it be the asleep zombie-like Generation Zzzzz?
‘One aspect of this divergence is that the hyper-connected Gen Z could be, ironically, one of the most isolated generations to date. According to a recent survey from The Curve Report, Gen Y moms were twice as likely as Xers to say they felt isolated in motherhood, despite being incredibly connected—95% of them were active Facebook users…’
genaration z


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