Do You Care Being Tracked Online by Marketers?

xenoduThe Upside of Being Tracked Online
I really don’t care much since our online activities will never be entirely private anyway. So the only anti-tracking app I use is Firefox’s Self-destructing Cookies.

‘Tracking by online marketers can be annoying and even feel like an invasion of your privacy. But before you decide to go incognito, there are a few good reasons you may want to be tracked online.

‘Before we get into the upside of having your online movements followed, we need to look at how it works. First, know that there is no real way around being tracked in some fashion or another. For years, third-party advertisers have used a combination of your browsing history, demographic information and purchase history to assemble a profile of your online habits to send targeted, personalized ads your way, in a process called online behavioral advertising, or OBA…’
Here’s how OBA works

Get ideas on the legality of your social networking activities
U.K. Social Media Users Get Legal Advice From On High On Avoiding Contempt Of Court

‘The U.K. government’s chief legal advisor, Attorney General Dominic Grieve, whose remit includes trying to ensure fair trials can take place, has decided the time has come to provide free legal advice (well, he calls it “advisories“) to Twitterers and Facebookers to help educate them on the responsibilities of using a “tool of mass communication”.

‘From today, Grieve will be publishing court advisory notes that have previously only been available to mainstream media outlets. The notes will be published on the website and via the Twitter feed of the Attorney General’s Office, @AGO_UK (which currently has less than 4,000 Twitter followers)…’

7 Mind-Blowing Chemical Reactions You Won’t Believe Are Real

Here’s one:

Can you get your hands on a grape, a knife, a glass, and a microwave? If not, then we’re really sorry the economy turned on you so viciously. If so, cut the grape into two pieces. Then take one of the pieces and slice it in half again, leaving the two quarters connected by the skin. Place it inside the microwave under an upturned glass and turn it on. Then step back and watch aliens abduct a piece of chopped fruit.
other reactions


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