A Strong Argument Against Technology

studioNL-bed-deskOne of the reasons why TED Conversations has become my fav forum network is that it’s very responsive so I learn a lot from it. Here’s an argument from my TED friend Bryan Maloney. It illustrates how tech can give us peace by isolating us rather than ‘connect’ us and give us anxiety

‘Politics requires people working together. Technology makes people less necessary. We can see where this leads.

‘A few centuries ago, someone of my education and stature (college and managerial) would have more people in his life because he would have no choice. Technology has removed the necessity of personal interaction, even interaction between employer and household servant. Likewise, driving to work is solitary for me. Might as well be nobody else on the road. The same is true for many other transactions. I pay bills online, no need to go to a stationer to get envelopes and mail or pay them in person.

‘In any case, people are less necessary for daily life. That means we are less experienced in the daily interaction with people that underlies politics. Being less experienced, we are less inclined, and we participate less. I can live for years in a house in the USA, within a city, and never even meet my next-door neighbor. Technology permitted this. Sit on the porch and talk to people? I have a TV.’
full convo here

Turn Your Loved Ones’ Ashes into Diamonds
‘The idea of wearing your deceased loved one around your finger or neck might be a little unsettling, but that’s exactly what a company called Algordanza does: transform human ashes into a diamond.

We first heard about the service through the film “As Above, So Below” at the Imagine Science Film Festival, and were so intrigued we asked Algordanza for more details on how you can transform a human’s cremated remains into a diamond…’

Create your Christmas decors with Glowing Clothespins

The Lightly clothespin collects energy during the day and lights up when the sun goes down.

‘Created by designers Idan Noyberg and Gal Bulka, the Lightly clothespin is fitted with a small solar panel on its clip, which collects solar energy during the day and then glows at night to light up the city streets in different colors.

‘Each clasp of the clothespin has a small solar panel attached to the top of its clip. The clothespin is fitted with an LED, a night sensor, and a battery pack. The sensor triggers the battery pack to supply energy to the LED, making it light up at night…’
solar clothespins

How to Run a Last Pass Security Audit (and Why It Can’t Wait)
‘If you’re practicing lax password management and hygiene, it’s only a matter of time until one of the increasingly numerous large-scale security breaches burns you. Stop being thankful you dodged the past security breach bullets and armor yourself against the future ones. Read on as we show you how to audit your passwords and protect yourself.’
What’s the Big Deal and Why Does this Matter?


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