What Lack of Sleep Does to Your Brain

073: I do not sleep properly anymore.
‘…The result is a compromised ability to respond to things, along with a faulty tendency to do things you shouldn’t have done. When the frontal lobes aren’t working efficiently, people also have more difficulty paying attention during boring tasks, such as driving a car on a highway or operating a morning commuter train…’

Killing cancer like the common cold
Expect this successful treatment to vanish too. Make the Big Pharma your prime suspect

‘…This new therapy was decidedly different from the treatments he’d received before: Instead of attacking his cancer with poisons like chemotherapy and radiation, the Philadelphia doctors taught Nick’s own immune cells to become more adept at killing the cancer.

‘Two months later, he emerged cancer-free. It’s been six months since Nick, now 15, received the personalized cell therapy, and doctors still can find no trace of leukemia in his system…’

Saturated Fat Causing Heart Disease is a Myth
Just a propaganda to sell dangerous statins

‘Published in the British Medical Journal, Malhotra, who is an interventional cardiology specialist registrar at Croydon University Hospital in London, says the issue isn’t as simple as we’ve been led to believe, and that the saturated fat scare has led to millions being over-medicated with dangerous statins…’
Malhotra explains:

You’ll Sleep Worse After a Nightcap
I confirm that. When I drink 2 beers or 2 shots of liquor, I become more awake. When I’m tired, it helps me sleep faster but that’s not the end of the story’

Despite falling asleep faster, the subjects who consumed more alcohol woke more frequently and experienced lighter sleep during the second half of the night. Williams and Salamy identified this as being a “rebound effect.” After alcohol had been metabolized and eliminated, sleep variables reversed themselves.

This manifests as disturbed sleep.

‘The idea is that the body initially adjusts for alcohol’s effects in order to maintain normal sleep during the first half of the night. During the second half of the night, however, the body stubbornly continues to adjust, ultimately overcompensating and resulting in sleep disruption…’


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