Why Relying on Tech to Remember for Us is Bad

bigthink-sensoryIt can have a negative impact on how well we remember our experiences and it’s called the ‘photo-taking impairment effect’

‘…Cultural commentators and itinerant moaners have often complained that our obsession with taking pictures stops us from experiencing the moment, and now scientists are saying that our snap-happy habits may also be ruining our memory.

‘A new psychological study by Linda Henkel of Fairfield University has provided some proof that the “photo-taking impairment effect” exists: when we take a photo of something we’re less likely to remember it…’

A Video Game Addict’s Story
A Korean baby died from starvation because of its parent’s Video Game Addiction
‘For the most part, video game addiction can be seen as similar to Internet addiction and smartphone addiction, both of which are subsets of something called novelty addiction. With technology becoming so engrained in our daily lives, we’re constantly being bombarded by stimuli from all directions. The novelty of playing a video game triggers various psychological responses in our brains, so much so that we can grow accustomed to chasing those triggers.

‘How much is too much? You can be an avid gamer, even a hardcore gamer, without being an addict. After all, enthusiasm and passion for other hobbies don’t automatically translate into an addiction, so why should it be different here? The difficulty is in drawing the line: when does enjoyment turn into an addiction?

‘Whether you’re a gamer or the parent of a gamer, here are some warning signs you should be looking for:…’

Will there be a devastating CME Solar Flare again?
Scientist: Society Should Prepare for Devastating Solar Flare (CME)

‘Even though it occurred about 150 years ago, the Carrington storm was memorable from a natural beauty standpoint as well as its technological impacts, he said. The event disrupted telegraph communications — the Internet of the Victorian Age — around the world, sparking fires at telegraph offices that caused several deaths, he said.

‘A 1989 geomagnetic storm caused by a CME from a solar storm in March 1989 resulted in the collapse of Hydro-Quebec’s electricity transmission system, causing 6 million people to lose power for at least nine hours, said Baker. The auroras from the event could be seen as far south as Texas and Florida…’

2013 eReader Comparison Guide
‘Remember when everyone asked if the first iPad was a “Kindle killer?” Well, although tablets have certainly put the brakes on e-readers’ momentum, the Kindle is still alive and kicking. Is it your best e-reader option this holiday season? Join Gizmag, as we break down several of the top e-readers you can buy today…’
the guide


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