Should we Get Mad at This Rich, White Teen Killer?

newser-961123-6-20131213125009‘The problem isn’t that Ethan Couch got off, it’s that poor kids don’t, Elie Mystal writes’

That’s a quote from Newser. And if that’s accurate, then I don’t agree. Can you imagine what will happen if we don’t convict all poor criminal kids like what they did with Ethan Couch!?

‘…The kid’s not wrong; the fact that he’s not facing incarceration for killing four people kind of proves the point. A poor white kid would be in jail right now. A rich black kid would be in jail right now. A poor black kid would be picking out items for his last supper right now. Anybody who thinks that this kind of lenience would be given to anybody other than a wealthy white dauphin is wrong and stupid (and probably racist). The rich kid isn’t in jail because rich people don’t suffer the full force of consequences for their actions.

‘That said… the judge isn’t wrong either. When you have a jerk-off prick of a 16-year-old, as this kid appears to be, it’s probably not his fault. Not really. My outrage isn’t that Couch is getting off, it’s that so many other teens and young people are being incarcerated without this kind of compassion…’

The Mystery of World’s ‘Most Wanted Woman’
She is called the White Widow
‘…a suspected terrorist charged with plotting to blow up resort hotels in Kenya packed with Christmas tourists, a westerner who wrote an ode praising Osama bin Laden, a jihadist who has eluded the law even as she has traveled through Africa with four young children in tow.

‘The saga of Samantha Lewthwaite is one of betrayal and revenge in a murky world where, somehow, a white woman born to a British soldier becomes a Muslim convert and then an international fugitive accused of conspiracy.

‘Her first husband blew himself up as part of Britain’s worst ever terrorist attack in 2005, an act she first condemned — and her second partner adhered to the same militant brand of Islam and also apparently met an early death…’
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Iceland Jails Bank Bosses
And that’s what the whole should do considering Iceland is the most crimeless country. Just days ago, police recently shot somebody dead—for the first time in the country’s history.

‘Four former bosses from the Icelandic bank Kaupthing have been sentenced to between three and five years in prison.

‘They are the former chief executive, the chairman of the board, one of the majority owners and the chief executive of the Luxembourg branch.

‘They were accused of hiding the fact that a Qatari investor bought a stake in the firm with money lent – illegally – by the bank itself…’

North Korea’s Kim Executes His Uncle for ‘treachery’
This makes me wonder if it would be easier to execute your own uncle if he is betraying you personally

‘The once-powerful uncle of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been executed after being purged for “acts of treachery”, state media say.

‘Chang Song-thaek was dramatically removed from a special party session by armed guards earlier this week.

‘It was the biggest upheaval since Mr Kim succeeded his father two years ago.

‘State news agency KCNA said Mr Chang had admitted at a military trial on Thursday to attempting to overthrow the state, and was executed immediately…’


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