Crash Rude Phone Talker Calls for Revenge

Watch funny video here

Smartphone Configuration for Social Media Mark...What you have to relearn without access to smartphones
‘One of the most common criticisms about 21st century society is our dependence on technology, particularly smartphones. It’s no secret many of us rely a teensy bit too much on our mobile devices and, perhaps as a result, we’re abandoning some real world know-how in favor of convenience…’
9 Things You Would Immediately Fail Without Your Smartphone

Are you addicted to your smartphone?
How long can you be separated from it?

‘Smartphone addiction is real, and you could be affected. organised a survey in which 800 participants were asked about their smartphone usage. 53 percent admitted to experiencing separation anxiety when they were without their phones, driven primarily by their incessant need to be connected. Can we train our brains to overcome the constant over-stimulation of smartphones and kick the habit?…’

Spy vs Spy
New Armor That Lets You Sense Surveillance Cameras

‘We pass under surveillance cameras every day, appearing on perhaps hundreds of minutes of film. We rarely notice them. London-based artist James Bridle would like to remind us.

‘Bridle has created a wearable device he calls the “surveillance spaulder.” Inspired by the original spaulder—a piece of medieval plate armor that protected “the wearer from unexpected and unseen blows from above”—the surveillance spaulder alerts the wearer to similarly unseen, if electronic, attacks. Whenever its sensor detects the type of infrared lighting commonly used with surveillance cameras, it sends an electric signal to two “transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation” pads, which causes the wearer to twitch…’

 The Top 10 Languages On Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

‘Semiocast has done the math and detected tweets from 61 languages on Twitter, led by English ahead of Japanese (16 percent), Spanish (12 percent), Malay (8 percent) and Portuguese (6 percent)…’

Check the visual below for the rest of the top 10, plus some other key statistics and data from the Twitter world.


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