Businessman: ‘US government stealing our ideas’

English: December 1965 FDA Report on Enforceme...
‘”They stole all my stuff and used taxpayer money to do it,”  John Hnatio, a Maryland small business owner, says of the U.S. government.

‘Hnatio claims the government has put his company, FoodquestTQ, nearly out of business by stealing his firm’s software that was designed to be licensed to the Food and Drug Administration to monitor food safety.

‘The FDA “took our ideas, plagiarized my doctoral dissertation on which a patent was based, and then they infringed on our patent. The result was that it decimated our business,” he adds.

‘Hnatio says his company has been left hanging by a thread. He has had to fire employees and says that the remaining three, including himself, are receiving no salary and have been forced to go on unemployment insurance…’

The Kenya Mall Shooting Hoax
Except from some postings to our Facebook page, we’ve been neglecting the rash of “shootings” that have taken place in the last few months…

Kenya, the Naval Yard, the NJ mall, LAX, the crazed lady in DC, and now Colorado…the stories just keep coming.

And guess what? They all appear to be entirely bogus.

Here’s the Kenyan Mall “story” completely torn apart, by a savvy observer who has a somewhat rough – but accurate – narrative style.

White House Hires New Press Secretary (Satire Video)
With the CIA investing in robot writers, the White House is following suit with its new press secretary.

Fight Allergies with a Dirty Dog
‘A dog in the house is more than just good company. There’s increasing evidence that exposure to dogs and livestock early in life can lessen the chances of infants later developing allergies and asthma. Now, researchers have traced this beneficial health effect to a microbe living in the gut. Their study, in mice, suggests that supplementing an infant’s diet with the right mix of bacteria might help prevent allergies—even without a pet pooch…’

Blessings in Disguise
Going Missing in Wilderness Saved This Man’s Life
‘On Friday, a bow hunter spotted Sturm and his truck at the bottom of an embankment off Germany Creek Road. Nelson says her dad must have taken a wrong turn and slid off the road.

‘He survived five nights in sub-freezing temperatures on half a Snickers bar, a bottle of water, and his own resourcefulness.

“’He said he took a credit card and scraped the ice off the hood of his truck,” said Nelson. “He said he took a paper towel and wiped the window and sucked the water out of the paper towel.”

‘Nelson is not surprised by her dad’s will to live. She also understands how this may have happened. She says her dad has been acting strange.

‘“Disoriented, confused, he’d gotten lost,” she said…’


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