The First School in the Cloud

TED-sole-main‘Located inside George Stephenson High School in Killingworth, England, this one-room learning lab is a space where students can embark on their own learning adventures, exploring whatever questions most intrigue them. Students even designed the interior of the space — which has colorful beanbags scattered throughout and (very appropriately) fluffy clouds painted on the walls.

‘On the glass doors of the lab is the acronym “SOLE,” which stands for “Self-Organized Learning Environment.” It’s a concept drawn from Mitra’s TED Prize wish, in which he offered up a new vision of education that pairs the vast resources of the Internet with children’s innate sense of curiosity. SOLEs are a minimally invasive education technique that lets kids puzzle through big questions on their own, teaching each other in the process. This method can have stunning results. (Read a Wired story on that.)

No Phone Calls on Planes
How to Tell the FCC

‘The FCC is now accepting public comments on its potentially disastrous proposal to allow people to scream at their cell phones on airplanes.

‘There are several lines of defense against this air rage-triggering nightmare, but it’s worth trying to stop it at the FCC. In a 3-2 vote, the commissioners pushed off any responsibility for what airlines end up doing with their permission to activate cellular services on planes, saying that the airlines probably wouldn’t allow voice calls if they make people nuts. The FCC is only here to make technical determinations, the commissioners said.

‘The Department of Transportation is also now looking at creating its own ban on in-flight phone calls, and the flight attendants’ union has come out against voice calling, as well…’

Why are Tablets Mostly offline?

Tablets Make Up Less Than 5% of Internet Use

‘Tablets make up very little of the globe’s Internet usage each month even as their popularity soars. New figures from StatCounter show that tablets account for just under 5 percent of monthly web browsing.

‘Desktops continue to make up the bulk of the world’s web surfing–around 76 percent last month–while smartphones accounted for about 19 percent.

‘The stats are available in StatCounter’s new, free interface that shows a variety of online usage stats…’

Classmint Notes
Classmint helps to score well in exams and life through research-proven scientific techniques like Cornell Notes, Active Recall and timely revision of study notes.

Classmint lets anyone create interactive, audible, annotatable and beautiful study notes that can be folded like paper. It also maintains automated revision list to aid in timely revision.

Students/Teachers can keep their notes private or publish them.

Classmint works in web browsers on Windows, MacBooks, Chromebooks and iPads.

Save trees as you choose to use less paper.


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