infowars-nsalistens25dd56Should We Care Now that NSA Surveillance is Ruled Unconstitutional?

Do you think NSA private intrusions will stop now?

‘It’s no surprise that NSA’s flagrant data collection of encrypted cellular data is unconstitutional, but for the first time since the Snowden leaks, a Federal Judge has ruled the practice unconstitutional and demanded that the metadata be permanently erased. For now, the judicial order will be suspended until the Federal Government appeals to higher courts.

‘The troubling part about the NSA is the way the agency has completely disregarded the constitutional rights of citizens, but for most Americans, that is OK. When asked whether the agency should intrude on privacy rights for the sake of national security, 62% of Americans think the NSA should investigate, even if it intrudes on privacy. About 45% of respondents said the government should monitor email and online activities in order to prevent future attacks – only 52% thought it was not necessary…’

What your wireless carrier is selling about you
‘What your phone knows about you — where you are, what you’re searching for and what you like — is mouthwatering for advertisers. Combined with other third-party data, including your age and salary range, marketers are using cell phone customers’ information to make decisions about how they advertise.

‘Though all four major carriers sell their customers’ smartphone data, Verizon’s (VZ, Fortune 500) year-old Precision Market Insights program is the farthest-reaching. Here’s how the Precision program works, according to Verizon spokeswoman Debi Lewis:…’

The On/Off room: the ultimate disconnection space

Modern Faraday Cage Exhibit Turns Off All Cellular Signals

‘The On/Off room in Melbourne, Australia is unlike other rooms – it’s intended to help its inhabitants unplug from the intensity of the tech world. Inspired by the works of Michael Faraday, the modern gridded cage blocks all form of electronic signals including WiFi and cellular signals. It’s like leaving the city behind for a forest of perforated metallic walls. In other words, torturous.

Artist Statement:

‘The right of connection – to housing, health, education, the internet, financial capital – allows humans to improve the spaces they occupy in the world. Heightened connectivity also demands an opposite tendency: the ability to switch off. On/Off takes an extreme position on connectivity through the construction of a type of Faraday cage. Discovered by Michael Faraday in 1836 it is a structure covered by a conductive material that prevents electromagnetic charges reaching its interior. It is the ultimate disconnection space…’

Mini Hydroponic Grow Pot
‘I wanted to construct a simple and really cheap hydroponic grow system. wanted to use as many recycled items as possible. Well sort of..
After much thought, I hit upon an idea that would allow me to grow one plant, and an extra bell pepper starter I had would do the trick…’


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