How a Bus Route Brought Salvation from Poverty

The Bus Ride That Sparked a Journey Out of Poverty and Into Yale

bostonglobe-byun_bus19_met02‘…The bus stop for the No. 19 is directly across the street from their house. This is the MBTA bus that goes from Fields Corner and Grove Hall in Dorchester to Dudley and Ruggles in Roxbury, connecting the dots between neighborhoods where struggling to make it is the norm.

‘But as Johnny looks down the street toward Fields Corner, he is looking for a different Bus 19, one that will carry him and George out of those neighborhoods. For once a day, the 19 becomes a charter bus to Boston Latin School.

‘They do this because they have been promised something by Boston Latin School, something they both desperately want – a better life – and they are trying to study their way there. They are two of the top students in the city; theirs is the kind of Geneva Street story you just don’t often hear…’

The Calls-in-Flight Bidding War
‘“…For people like me, we need to be in touch with other people all the time. It’s a very good convenience to have,” she said Friday while rushing her way through Reagan National Airport.

‘Indeed, Begum said she’d pay an extra $20 per flight for phone privileges.

“’I’d pay 50 to 100 bucks more to be in the ‘quiet car,’” said Brent Reynolds, who travels frequently to sell hats and outerwear for his company. “I don’t want to be there with a lot of people yakking loudly.”…’

We should be glad that flights offer the opportunity to be ‘disconnected’ and relax a bit. We should be wise and use the opportunity.

Harvard Student Charged For Sending Bomb Threat To Avoid Final
‘A 20-year-old Harvard student who was allegedly trying to dodge a final exam has been charged in Monday’s bomb hoax that led to four buildings being evacuated and several final exams being canceled, CBS in Boston reports.

‘Eldo Kim allegedly emailed bogus bomb threats to the Harvard University Police Department and student newspaper the Harvard Crimson. He’s due in court Wednesday…’
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