3 Airlines Ban Mid-flight Phone Calls

latimes-la-fi-mo-no-cell-phone-calls-on-delta-air-line-001Delta, Southwest, JetBlue: No Phone Calls Mid-Flight

Airlines decide before FCC makes decision on rule change

‘The chief executive of Delta Air Lines, Richard Anderson, told his employees Wednesday that the airline won’t allow cellular or Internet-based calls, regardless of any changes in policy by the Federal Communications Commission.

‘Southwest Airlines, the nation’s largest domestic carrier, also announced recently that it won’t allow cellphone calls but, it will offer its passengers Internet service on most planes from takeoff to landing.

‘United Airlines in a statement Wednesday said it was still evaluating the views of its passengers but, for now, the airline plans to keep phone calls banned from its planes…’

Is  Artificial Intelligence a Technology Too Late to Control Now?

‘The skeptics fear that a toxic mix of artificial intelligence, robotics and bio- and nanotechnology could make previous threats of nuclear devastation seem “easy” to manage by comparison. These people aren’t cranks. They’re folks like Jaan Tallinn, the 41-year-old Estonian programming whiz who helped create Skype and now fears he’s more likely to die from some AI advance run amok than from cancer or heart disease. Or Lord Martin Rees, a dean of Britain’s science establishment whose last book bore the upbeat title, “Our Final Century ” and who with Tallinn has launched the Center for the Study of Existential Risk at Cambridge to think through how bad things could get and what to do about it.

‘Now comes James Barrat with a new book — “Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era” — that accessibly chronicles these risks and how a number of top AI researchers and observers see them. If you read just one book that makes you confront scary high-tech realities that we’ll soon have no choice but to address, make it this one…’

What Twitter Should Approve Years Before
Twitter to allow tweets to be edited

‘Twitter is, The Desk reported yesterday, working on a feature that would allow users to edit tweets they’ve published and it should be available to a test group in “weeks, or months at the most.” According to the article:

‘Once a user publishes a tweet, an “edit” feature will be present for a limited amount of time (Twitter is still currently working out the length of time the feature would be available). The feature would allow a user to make “slight changes” to the contents of a tweet, such a removing a word, correcting a typo or adding one or two additional words…’

The Posture-Improving Chair
Turnstone Buoy Keeps Users On Their Toes

The Turnstone Buoy has a domed bottom that forces the person sitting on it to keep their balance by engaging core muscles.
turnstone buoy

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